Young Justice series update :)

In my previous blog entry, I made assumptions about the upcoming Young Justice cartoon series.  But as more information came to light during comic-con, it's clear that I was wrong. But hey, life goes on.  So here's some updates. 

1.)  okay, first of all, the series is not canon, it's multiverse. So there's a legit reason for the different line-up 
2.)  Robin is Dick Grayson, not Tim Drake D: (who originally lead the team in the comic book). Good news for DG fans, bad news for TD ones ):  bbut everybody wins because hey, there's a new DC cartoon coming out soon. 
3.)  Naturally, if Dick Grayson is Robin, then Wally West is Kid Flash. Not Bart Allen (D: whyyyyy?) but like i said before, it's not canon. It's multiverse. 
4.)  The new Aqualad? He's the son of villain Black Manta (nope, not token at all) and he's unique because he's being introduced into comics for the first time too, sometime in the  Brightest Day storyline. 
Changes aside, I'm still looking forward to this series. 
Here's some updated info: