Young Justice animated series

  • New Series!
    New Series!
    Since hearing news of the Young Justice animated series in February, I've been waiting for to see viewers reaction to a new series, both people who know of the comic-book series, and people who don't know about it. This show really has the potential to have as much success as Teen Titans, Justice League, or even any of the Batman cartoons. It's good to know that DC is catching back up with Marvel when it comes to cartoon series, since DC's last effort was The Batman, while Marvel currently has Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and X-men. This series should be pretty cool though. 

  • The main character line-up so far is:
  • Robin( of course)
  • Superboy (wearing cargo pants!)
  • Kid Flash(no, sadly not Impulse)
  • Artemis( instead of Arrowette, apparently)
  • Miss Martian( ? that's different, but interesting)
  • Aqualad( ??? that's very different, i don't think that's Garth)
  • It's nice to see that they are sticking with the three original characters from the group, but it's also cool to see a variation in the rest of the characters. Robin's still short like on Teen Titans, but he's probably Tim Drake or people would get the show confused with Teen Titans. Miss Martian is supposedly replacing Wondergirl due to some legal issues relating to any of the "Wonder" characters. I'm going to assume that's Bart Allen since he's currently Kid Flash in canon anyway, and that's probably Cissie but in a different costume as well. The only character i'm not sure about is Aqualad, I hope this is a completely new character, and not just turning Garth into the token african-american character. That would be weird enough, but to make it weirder he has blonde hair.

Well, I can't wait to watch the first episode to see how this all turns out. Especially, y'know: the blonde Aqualad and the non-Arrowette archer character.

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