Young Justice series update :)

In my previous blog entry, I made assumptions about the upcoming Young Justice cartoon series.  But as more information came to light during comic-con, it's clear that I was wrong. But hey, life goes on.  So here's some updates. 

1.)  okay, first of all, the series is not canon, it's multiverse. So there's a legit reason for the different line-up 
2.)  Robin is Dick Grayson, not Tim Drake D: (who originally lead the team in the comic book). Good news for DG fans, bad news for TD ones ):  bbut everybody wins because hey, there's a new DC cartoon coming out soon. 
3.)  Naturally, if Dick Grayson is Robin, then Wally West is Kid Flash. Not Bart Allen (D: whyyyyy?) but like i said before, it's not canon. It's multiverse. 
4.)  The new Aqualad? He's the son of villain Black Manta (nope, not token at all) and he's unique because he's being introduced into comics for the first time too, sometime in the  Brightest Day storyline. 
Changes aside, I'm still looking forward to this series. 
Here's some updated info:



WIdening Gyre #6 = a whole lot of WTF

   You know how some times when you buy a comic, and the art is a little weird or the writing is sub-par and you kind of wish you hadn't bought it yet can still read it and be happy anyway? Well, Batman: The Widening Gyre #6 is a little worse than that. 
    When this comic came out I heard a lot of bitching about on different sites, Comics Alliance even went as far to call it "  the worst of the worst  ".  I thought this was an over-exaggeration, comic fans nitpick all the time, just looking for anything out of the norm for a character and then blasting it. And then I bought the book to actually see what everybody was so flustered about: 
Batman had a "BLADDER SPASM

That's right. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader, peed in his pants. According to Kevin Smith at least.  Here's the proof:    


Yep. He pisses himself and then tells other  vigilantes about it. To be fair, he's telling this guy Baphomet about his first night as Batman (the dinner-fire scene from Batman: Year One) and how he apparently was also suprised when he set a dining room on fire. Oh, but that's not the only thing he tells some new, random person he knows nothing about. He also reveals his identity, introduces him to Silver St.Cloud who is his fiance at the time, and even shows him where the Batcave is. Cause y'know, Batman totally trusts people like that. 
So some more of this issue has Batman and his fiance being all lovey-dovey and stuff:


(for some reason Bruce tthinks she's a robot?) 
After they make up; we learn that Silver refers to Bruce as "DeeDee". You might say "that doesen't make any sense', but luckily Silver explains:


That's right, this classy individual has a nickname for Bruce based on the number of orgasms they had.  
And the gross part is, she's saying this to Alfred. Alfred . Who is like a parent to Bruce. Yeah, ew.
So, getting back to this wonderful story; we again see that Baphomet guy again, but guess what? He's not really a vigilante, he's a villain! Oh Snap! 
Naturally this is a Batman book, so you can't trust anybody. Especially ramdom guys in weird masks.  
But wait, there's more! To add insult to injury, not only is this guy a villain, he's a murderous one. And guess who he kills? Yep, Silver St.Cloud. Now Batman is alone, has his identity compromised, and telling embarassing stories to random guys.

Thank you Kevin Smith, thank you very much.

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7 evil ex-boyfriends !? Aww, I only have 2. :(

This is a year of epic awesomeness for comic-book movies. First there was Iron Man 2 which came out in May was amazing and worth the wait. Jonah Hex comes out on the 18th, and while maybe not as popular, still looks good to me. The release I'm really looking forward to is Under The Red Hood, which is a DVD animated movie from DC comics on July 27th. And finally there's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, out on August 13. 
I'll go see Jonah Hex, but I'm not sure what to expect. But hey, in the trailer, his horse has a machine gun type attatchment. Who wouldn't want to see that. Plus, it's a western which is great in itself, and it's a lesser known DC comics character getting a chance in the spotlight. Hopefully the movie won't be all about Jonah Hex and Megan Fox's characters relationship. I hope they at least show the story of how Hex's face got scarred. And if the previews are correct, the entire movie will be about wild-west bad guys screaming "HEX" all the time.( just kidding) 
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, or SPVTW as I call it, is going to be sweet! The tagline says it all: "An epic of epic epicness". Starring Micheal Cera, whic adds one more epic to the whole thing in my opinion. This movie is about this dude who has to defeat his girlfriends 7 evil ex-boyfriends. This was one of my favorite books because of the art style, and to see the movie interpretation is cool. SPVTW is basically an awesomesauce (my friend Gabby's term, not mine)  mix of rock music, retro video games, comics, and anime. There is so much to love about the entire series, that I can't describe it in one entry! The books are hilarious so let's hope the movie is up to standards. 
Yes! a Robin finally got their own movie. The newest DC DVD is about my boy JToddz (Jason Todd), who was killed by the Joker (see: A Death in the Family) and came back to life, this time as the Red Hood. Red Hood is like Batman, except he's a gun/knife enthusiast who doesn't mind killing a few MF's. It's an awesome story because it's the one time you get to see Batman fail, and then have to deal with one of his kids going all evil and stuff. This is the release I'm looking forward to the most though, because ny friend Will is actually having a party for it. ( yes, my friends and I are total nerds :D)
Yeah, so you know what I'll be watching this summer.


Change is coming . . . . . . . .

Okay, we've known for a while that Bruce Wayne (formerly  Batman) never really "died", but is off having a magical adventure or whatever, and that Dick Grayson (1st Robin, formerly Nightwing) is now Batman. We also know that Tim Drake (formerly 3rd Robin) has gone off on his own to find Bruce, and that he now has a spiffy new identity as Red Robin (Jason Todd did it first!). Damian Wayne (Bruce's son) is the 4th (in canon) and current Robin. Stephanie Brown ( 4th Robin, formerly Spoiler) is now the 4th( if you count Bette Kane) Batgirl, working with Oracle. Jason Todd (2nd Robin)  is doing his thing as Red Hood, and Cassandra Cain ( former Batgirl) is, well; no one really knows what Cassandra is doing right now. A lot has changed in the DCuniverse, but in Batman's universe also. So where does all this change leave Bruce Wayne upon his return? That's right, the upcoming Batman #700! (0r Batman & Robin #16).
Let's start with the new Batman and Robin team, Dick and Damian. When the series started, alot of readers reacted to Damian like they reacted to the introduction of Jason Todd. Needless to say, it was not all positive; but recently peole have come to accept and
Damian: redefining the term
Damian: redefining the term "teamwork"
even like Damian. Most people could tell that Dick would be Bruce's successor, so all that Battle for the Cowl stuff was kind of unnecessary. Dick and Damian work well as a team, and could continue as one except for one tiny detail; Bruce will be back in September . Most of us naturally assume that Dick will go back to being Nightwing, but where does that leave Damian? I don't really think that him and Bruce got to know each other very well. Maybe there's a possibility that Damian will become Nightwing's sidekick. It most likely won't happen, but how awesome would that be? 
Then there's Tim. He's in his own series now, being awesome as usual. He's not doing anything special, y'know just saving tons of people from Ra's Al Ghul and finding proof of Bruce's life and stuff like that. Even though he's in a solo role now, when Bruce returns he'll probably stay in Gotham, but I don't see him becoming a sidekick again. He's too independent now, he's already getting his own rogues gallery and getting his own name. 
Bruce would probably be dissapointed with Jason doing the whole "killing people again" thing. He hasn't been around much, but when Bruce gets back I don't think they'll have the happiest reunion. But hey, you never know. 
Stephanie Brown is doing a good job as the new Batgirl, but I don't think Bruce would have approved of her beiing back out in the field. She's already been killed once    and I just don't think Bruce would appreciate her taking Cassandra's title so quickly either. 
To say the least I'm very excited for Bruce to return, but I'm more excited to see the effects of him coming back.

Young Justice animated series

  • New Series!
    New Series!
    Since hearing news of the Young Justice animated series in February, I've been waiting for to see viewers reaction to a new series, both people who know of the comic-book series, and people who don't know about it. This show really has the potential to have as much success as Teen Titans, Justice League, or even any of the Batman cartoons. It's good to know that DC is catching back up with Marvel when it comes to cartoon series, since DC's last effort was The Batman, while Marvel currently has Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and X-men. This series should be pretty cool though. 

  • The main character line-up so far is:
  • Robin( of course)
  • Superboy (wearing cargo pants!)
  • Kid Flash(no, sadly not Impulse)
  • Artemis( instead of Arrowette, apparently)
  • Miss Martian( ? that's different, but interesting)
  • Aqualad( ??? that's very different, i don't think that's Garth)
  • It's nice to see that they are sticking with the three original characters from the group, but it's also cool to see a variation in the rest of the characters. Robin's still short like on Teen Titans, but he's probably Tim Drake or people would get the show confused with Teen Titans. Miss Martian is supposedly replacing Wondergirl due to some legal issues relating to any of the "Wonder" characters. I'm going to assume that's Bart Allen since he's currently Kid Flash in canon anyway, and that's probably Cissie but in a different costume as well. The only character i'm not sure about is Aqualad, I hope this is a completely new character, and not just turning Garth into the token african-american character. That would be weird enough, but to make it weirder he has blonde hair.

Well, I can't wait to watch the first episode to see how this all turns out. Especially, y'know: the blonde Aqualad and the non-Arrowette archer character.

    see more info here:




today i've seen two Batman shirts, five Marvel shirts, three Supermans, and a guy with an Aquaman shirt. I told the guy with the Aquaman shirt that he should be my best friend. There is a serious lack of t-shirts featuring the less used characters. I've never seen a Nightwing shirt, but if i ever found one i would wear it forever. Anyway, this is the most productive thing i've done in school today.
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sitting next to crazy people in computer class, waiting for Superman to come and save me, or at least for Thor to smack somebody with Mjolnir!

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