List of Characters inspired by/Tributes to Fantômas Universe

Not Featured in the list:

-Phantom Limb (The Venture Bros)

-Spectrobert (Everybody's Favorite Duck)

-Fantom (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

-Phantom (Pink Panther)

-Tenebra (Arnould Galopin character in Tenebra, le bandit fantôme)

-Masque Rouge (Gaston René's Novel)

-Demonax (R. Collard's Novel)

-Catherine Arouette (Doctor Who's Novel)

-Les Hommes mystérieux Fantômas (TLOEG)

-Fantômville Fantômas (Nick Campbell)

-Captain Action Comics's Fantômas (Moonstone publications)

-Fantômas La Amenaza Elegante's Fantômas (Editorial Novaro)

Non Character

-1969 Hong Kong Tempress of a thousand faces

-Mike Patton Band (Fantômas)

-Soviet Seven Old Men and One Girl & Old Men Bandits Comedies inspired by Monsieur Fantômas satiral.

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