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Tell me when i've fallen for the last time

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, pour me donner da la force

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, te regarder aller me détruit un peu plus a chaque temps

Lumière qui ne ment, dit moi qui t'habite

Car mon silence qui exacte toutes mes notes, m'exaspèrent souvent

Non, reste, ne me laisse pas réaliser la réalité, qui je le sais est vide

Ce jeux d'existence me consume et me ride

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, pour me donner da la force

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, te regarder aller me détruit un peu plus a chaque temps

Le sage en moi sait il seulement que si j'avance mes doutes ne fouteront pas le camp?

Et le brave existe -t-il seulement?

Mensonges, mensonges, rien qui ne me ronge!...Si seulement je pouvais me la fermer et réussir

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, pour me donner da la force

Aujourd'hui je pleure, pour le tout, pour un rien, te regarder aller me détruit un peu plus a chaque temps

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How early 20th century French Artists Envisioned Life In The Year 2000

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It’s always thought provoking when you come across artwork that was created years ago, whether it be by a few decades or a few thousand years. Art, in all its many forms, can tell us so much about the thoughts, feelings, history, and ideology which dominated the time period in which it was created.

I came across a series of futuristic pictures ( created by Jean-March Cote and various other artists in 1899, 1900, 1901, and 1910. They were originally in the form of postcards or paper cards enclosed in cigarette boxes. The images depict the world as it was imagined it would be like in the year 2000.

These pictures were created in a time well before the introduction of high tech machinery, the industrial revolution, or flying contraptions. The world was clean, and human impact on the environment and our own health was minimal. In the past 100 years alone, the way we’ve ‘progressed’ has harmed our planet and all life on it. A time for change is long overdue, and I’m sure if you asked some artists to depict what the human experience will be like 100 years from now, it wouldn’t be so pretty.

100 years has flown by at a rapid pace, and our exponential technological development in all areas seems to have been missing an appropriate level of consciousness to go with it. As a result, our planet continues to be destroyed. But there is still time to turn it around, and it seems things are headed in a better direction. At least from my vantage point, working in this area for a number of years now, the amount of progress we’ve made is truly remarkable. From awareness to action, we have indeed been taking steps in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go.

What would you paint? How do you imagine the world 100 years from now?

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Animal Hunting Mentality  Anyone?
Animal Hunting Mentality Anyone?
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Flat Earth anyone?
Flat Earth anyone?

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Top 100 Québec Pro-indépendance songs (En Français Tabarnak!)

The desire of Independance does not date from yesterday, when we look back in time we can see New-Frenchs resistance, 1838 Patriotes, 1980 and 1995 referendum... So i decided to make a top 100 songs in their honor.

When Québécois think about indépendance they immediatly think about Gilles Vigneault who created the unofficial national anthem (And a few other Indépendantiste songs) but here we got a list, a commun effort to show the world our colors in which we find all kind of music genres (From Rap to Pop) I wish you guys could speak french so you could understand us...

Numéro 100

Title:Sexy Séparatiste

Aritst:Damien Robitaille


No Caption Provided

Numéro 99

Title:Pour mon pays (For my Country)

Artist:Sir Pathetik


No Caption Provided

Numéro 98

Title:Vive Le Québec Libre (Long Live Free Québec)

Artist:Dullin Beatz


No Caption Provided

Numéro 97

Numéro 96

Numéro 95

Numéro 94

Numéro 93

Numéro 92

Numéro 91

Numéro 90

Numéro 89

Numéro 88

Numéro 87

Numéro 86

Numéro 85

Numéro 84

Numéro 83

Numéro 82

Numéro 81

Numéro 80

Title:Bozo les culottes

Numéro 79

Numéro 78

Numéro 77

Numéro 76

Numéro 75

Numéro 74

Numéro 73

Numéro 72

Numéro 71

Numéro 70

Numéro 69

Numéro 68

Numéro 67

Numéro 66

Numéro 65

Numéro 64

Numéro 63

Numéro 62

Numéro 61

Numéro 60

Numéro 59

Numéro 58

Numéro 57

Numéro 56

Numéro 55

Numéro 54

Numéro 53

Numéro 52

Numéro 51

Numéro 50

Numéro 49

Numéro 48

Numéro 47

Numéro 46

Numéro 45

Numéro 44

Numéro 43

Numéro 42

Numéro 41

Numéro 40

Numéro 39

Numéro 38

Numéro 37

Numéro 36

Numéro 35

Numéro 34

Numéro 33

Numéro 32

Numéro 31

Numéro 30


Artist:Plume Latraverse


No Caption Provided

Numéro 29

Numéro 28

Numéro 27

Numéro 26

Numéro 25

Numéro 24

Numéro 23

Numéro 22

Numéro 21

Numéro 20

Title:Je Me Souviens (I remember)

Arist:Lara Fabian


Numéro 19

Numéro 18

Numéro 17

Numéro 16

Numéro 15

Numéro 14

Numéro 13

Numéro 12

Numéro 11

Numéro 10

Title:Je Me Souviens (I remember)

Artist:Manu Militari


Numéro 9

Numéro 8

Numéro 7

Numéro 6

Numéro 5

Numéro 4

Numéro 3

Numéro 2

Numéro 1

Interpretation by other musicians: (Daniel Boucher) (les charbonniers de l'enfer)

Félix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault,

The 100 songs.

  1. To Be or not to be la vie (Chloé Sainte Marie):
  2. La Grande Bataille (La Chicane):
  3. Mon Pays(Cowboys Fringants):
  4. Mon Pays (Claude Léveillée):
  5. Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays:
  6. Je Me Souviens(Manu Militari): ()
  7. Je Me Souviens (Lara Fabian):
  8. Je Me Souviens (Oh Canada):
  9. Je Me Souviens ()
  10. Je Suis Fils (Corrigan Fest):
  11. Canadien Errant:
  12. Québécois(La Révolution Francaise):
  13. Le Québécois:Félix Leclerc:
  14. Les Patriotes (Claude Léveillée):
  15. Le Chant du patriote (Daniel Boucher made by Félix Leclerc):
  16. Chez nous (Daniel Boucher):
  17. Les Géants (Loco Locass);
  18. Enfant de l'asphalte(Koriass):
  19. Fabriqué au Québec (Patrick Groulx):
  20. Bozo les culottes (Raymond Lévesque):

  21. Mommy Daddy (Dominique Michel):
  22. Oui, et ca devient possible:

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Ragnar likes the idea of being independant

Olafur Ragnar Grimmson (The President of Iceland which is pictured with the Premier of Québec) came to Québec to be part of the symposium on northern development, he was asked his opinion on independance and he answered:«The Independance itself can never be negative, because independance is not just a formality and it is determinated by the people».

No Caption Provided

Note:He's not the first president to talk in favor of independance, Québécois can surely remember De Gaulle Speech and the famous ''Vive le Québec libre''.

Second Note:Back in 2014 the liberal (Couillard), was asked Could Québec survive financially if separated? and he answered <<Yes, sure, Québec has the capacities to be...

No Caption Provided

Third Note:October 30, 2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the contreversed referendum won by the no camp at 0,58%/54 228votes.

1995 Referendum Theme (And it's now possible)

(French/English) Sources

Un «impair diplomatique» des libéraux à l’égard de l’Islande

Un Québec indépendant serait viable, reconnaît Couillard,_1995

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Happy 60th Birthday Anne Robillard!

To begin with i didnt know it was her birthday until about 18h00 eastern time and then my internet crashed ­-_-... But i wanted to make this anyway (To Celebrate her birthday duh). In the end this is a almost belated birthday!

Born in Montréal from a Ballet professor and the famous (In Québec) actor of Passe-Partout, Anne Robillard started as a legal secretary and couldnt get published but it didnt stop her from writing. She often credit Jk Rowling for paving the way to writers such as herself, her first publication (Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude) was in February 13 2003 when she was aged of 48.

No Caption Provided

Since then she published over 40 books and 5 Bande dessinée adaptations. Her biggest success, les chevaliers d'émeraude, has sold over 1 million copies in the first years and expanded his popularity in France around 2007 (4 years after the original publication).

Fan art of Wellan
Fan art of Wellan


As of February 2015, we can count (In her bibliography)

10 books for A.N.G.E. (National Agency of the strange).

Reptilians, Roman Empire Theory, secret agency, Illuminati?

No Caption Provided

5 books for Les Cordes de crystal (The (guitar) strings of crystal).

Story is situated in the United States, its pretty much a serie of books about musicians.

No Caption Provided

5 books for les ailes d'Alexanne (The wings of Alexanne).

Alexanne Kalinovsky, a orpheline, discover that she has fairy blood.

No Caption Provided

2 books for Wilder.

The Story is about a teacher of philosophy who at first seem simple but through the book we learn that his life is a supernatural mess.

No Caption Provided

2 books for le retour de l'oiseau tonnerre (The Return of the thunder bird)

Logan McEwan a divorced man in his 40s, is having flashbacks from his anterior life. With help, he will get connected to a entity which will show him his time line. He went from living a hard time in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Phoenicia, North America, China, Scandinavia and Italy for 1 goal only.

No Caption Provided

1 Book for Privilège de roi (Privilege of a king), the prequel of Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude (wrote as a Diary/Personal Journal). The book is co-written by Anne Robillard and Martial Grisé.

First order of Knights.

No Caption Provided

12 books for Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude (The Knights of Émeraude).

No Caption Provided

10 books for Les Héritiers d'Enkidiev (The Heirs of Enkidiev), the contuinity of Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude.

The future generation of knights dealing with their own problems.

No Caption Provided

Plus 4 Bd/Graphic novels adaptation of The Knights of Émeraude and 1 Bd/Graphic Novel adaptation of A.N.G.E.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

How its started

I wanted to start reading on a regular base, i took the first book in my parents library and its was Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude. I've read the first 20 pages but i've stopped. At the time i was too lazy to read a whole book... Later on (the same year), i went to a library and i started to read A.N.G.E. . I loved it, i mean a devil getting his ass w00p3d by a Holy Reptilian is not something you can ignore xD! I really wanted to start reading on a regular base so i came back to Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude once i was done with the first tome of A.N.G.E. and i found out that i was also liking this universe. I found the whole serie of 12 books interesting even though some were less attractive than others. I still havent finished the Heirs of Enkidiev since well... the serie is not over xD (2 more To come). Now i'm not claiming i'm her biggest fan because i dont really find Les Cordes de Cristal interesting at all but so far i've liked the majority of her works.

Anne Robillard and ''Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude''
Anne Robillard and ''Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude''

Happy Birthday :D.

I hope you will write a few other books and a new serie. Your fans loves ya, take care.

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