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X-Men: A New Generation, Fan-Fiction Series by J. M. Wesso

Greetings everyone! In this blog I will be posting links to download a read-only WORD file of my Fan-Fiction series I am currently in the process of writing. I try to release about an issue a month, so check back every once-in-a-while to see if there are any updates. And finally, any feedback, criticism, suggestions, or anything is welcome and encouraged. Let me know what you think!
X-Men: A New Generation, Issue #1: Resurrection of Evil

X-Men: A New Generation, Issue #2: Daggers in the Night

X-Men: A New Generation, Issue #3: Desperate Times...       

Instructions to download and view:   
  1. Click on the link of the issue you wish to view. The link should bring you to, and you should see a link on their page which says, "click here to start download."
  2. Click on their link, and open the file once your browser is done downloading it. 
  3. When the security window pops up, just click "read-only," and enjoy!
If anyone doesn't have a compatible version of Microsoft Word, doesn't wish to download from Mediafire, or for whatever reason simply wants me to PM or e-mail them with text, please let me know! I'd be happy to accommodate.  
As for a little bit of what this series is about, here's the introduction from the first issue:   

Professor Charles Francis Xavier, founder of the Xavier Institute and leader of the legendary X-Men, has been dead for nearly eight years. The beloved professor and mutant rights activist died of natural causes at his family’s estate in Westchester County, New York, surrounded by a large group of close friends. Friends of Xavier who recall his passing note that, at the time of his death, Xavier was a happy and content man.

Professor Xavier lived for a dream, the peaceful co-existence of humans and mutants, and throughout the last years of his life he witnessed the appointments of three mutants to important federal positions, including one Supreme Court Justice, and the passing of a federal law entitled “The Mutant Equality Act,” which guaranteed equal freedoms for humans and mutants. Professor Xavier was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for advancement of mutant-human relations.

Xavier’s old enemies and enemies of the X-Men had largely been defeated for good, or vanished, and life for mutants was tranquil. Xavier even disbanded the X-Men himself three years before he died. One could say that Xavier had, at long last, realized his dream.

In the time following Charles Xavier’s death, and most notably, the death of his closest friend, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, life for mutants has seen steady improvement. A mutant president has been in the White House for two years now, and, although the X-Men no longer exist, the Xavier Institute continues to operate magnificently with former X-man Dr. Hank McCoy, otherwise known as Beast, assuming the role of headmaster and principal instructor to the students.

Life has been calm and peaceful for far longer than the former X-Men could have ever expected, and most of them have retired and started families of their own. Scott Summers and Jean Grey have married and have birthed a (now fully-grown) son, Perry Summers, and have retired to Alaska (Scott handed the reins of the Institute over to McCoy after Xavier’s death, remarking that Hank was “always the better teacher.”) The mutant known as Wolverine has retired from services at the X-Mansion and has happily spent the last five years on a remote island in Japan. The former X-Men Warren Worthington and Betsy Braddock have also married and had a child, as have Remy LeBeau and Anna Marie Raven. Bobby Drake has retired from service and is currently the senior United States Democratic Senator from New York. Former X-Men Piotr Rasputin and Kitty Pryde are living together in Russia, Ororo Munroe is currently residing in Tanzania, Jubilation Lee is a famous movie actress in Hollywood, and Kurt Wagner is reported to have entered service at a Catholic monastery in Bavaria.

After many years of having to fight for the protection of others and the rights of mutant-kind, it seems that the former X-Men finally have a chance to enjoy the futures that they have won for themselves.

Unfortunately for the X-Men, however, years of peace and tranquility, other obligations, and the burdens of age have softened their once legendary resilience. Unbeknownst to the members of the mutant community, the wonderful lives they have enjoyed as of late have only masked the decay underneath. Events put into motion years ago have set the stage for a reemergence of familiar evils—evils with one goal in mind: the complete and utter destruction of the X-Men.

With Xavier and Magneto dead, the X-Men team officially dissolved, and nearly all of its former members retired, mutantkind may have to turn to unfamiliar faces and place its trust in the unlikely hands of a new generation of strong-willed defenders. Can this new generation of heroes step-up to fight evils so great and powerful? They can only hope—and pray.