Transformer Extra Hurt

Sucky title for a blog, jeez not one of my best...But onto a more serious matter. An extra for the Transformers 3 movie was seriously injured in an apparent stunt. It here in this article: This is just a reminder to how dangerous making a movie can be, especially when you deal with such massive equipment. This post is also a shoutout to all of the people, not just the actors and director or the people we usually see involved in film. Please, if you know someone who does anything dangerous for the, um, betterment of our culture-then again, the second one did did make us appreciate the first one more though, so I guess that's something-give them a hug and a thank you. They probably deserve it. And a pray for this woman, because the details just sound, hm...they make me cringe, let's say that.

What do you parents think?

Seriously, parents, what do you think? I'm not a mom, and really don't plan on being one for at least another decade or so. So, I kinda want to know what you all think superheroes and "superhero parents". Some of your perspectives must've changed throughout the years. What you may have been indifferent to once now must make some of you cringe in horror. And many of you have been into comics for a good few decades. Do you think the superheroes of today can be good role models? What are your thoughts on how different comic book parents-suck as the FF, Wolverine, Batman-behave?  
Of course, most of these questions have been posted before, but this time, I want JUST the parents. I don't care if your baby is a day old, just tell me what you think. How has this lovely-I use this term likely-changed how you see comics?

Baby Apocalypse!     
So, it say here that Apocalypse may come back as a baby in Uncanny X-Force this October. Now, this got me wondering about the murder of children in comics and how it is handled or mishandled, which got me to thinking about needless death in popular media, which then lead me to existentialism and free will, which eventually lead me to thinking,"God damn you Remender, now I really want to see a cute baby Apocalypse." I then thought back to the semi-recent issue of Spider-Man where Curt Conner's son was killed by the Lizard. If you were like me, you had a hard time thinking that they actually killed a kid like that in a Spider-Man comic. Then I thought about NXM and all the death that particular writing team dishes out on such a regular basis that it now more or less an inside joke for those in the know. Then-because I am a girl-I thought about the cuteness-or lack of-of babies. Is it just me, or are even the cute ones creepy? I mean, they just look at you and demand to be fed every so often. It's like they're planning something...God those things creep me out!

How's this going to play out?

About Apocalypse...he's a cool character. I mean, sure he fails epically each and every time, but that's ok. Listen Marvel, I don't care what motivation you give this character, but I like to think that he does it out of need for human contact and this is the only way he can do it. Is he evil? Hell yeah.Is he pathetic? Sure. Ca you pity the guy...yes. And I like it when I can pity a villain. Not sympathise with, just pity.  
Now, I'm actually super excited over the new X-Force. I love Remender and FrankenCastle. The guy is able to turn strangeness and, well, monsters, and turn them into relatable characters. I also love the artist for this. Don't get me wrong, the last art team was good, but sometimes everything looked like splotches with bright white for eyes. I had no idea what was going on in Necrosha, and actually had to look up everything online just because the art was so incomprehensible at parts. 
 How do I think this is going to play out? Well, Angel gets the choice of whether to kill Apocalypse, that's a given. One thing I love about that relationship is just how strange it is. It feels as if all Warren would have to do is ask and Apocalypse would let him be one of his Horsemen again. It all goes back to how pathetic the guy is. It's like the Silver Surfer and Galactus; why does Norrin keep getting the job if Galactus knows that he's just going betray him again? 
But back the point...which was?...Oh yeah: So it's going to have some Angel contemplating murder, which is fun. Another thing I heard was that someone said they were going to bring back Apocalypse as a child. I can't find that interview anywhere. I found the one from Newsarama, but that doesn't say anything to that effect. Wouldn't that be great? Old Logan and Co. having to decide whether to kill a child? But that probably won't happen...would be a great idea though?

Changing appearences...

So, we all know that comic book characters don't usually change all that much in appearence, but sometimes they do. It comes and goes with the decade. Take the Punisher. Sometimes Frank looks like he's in his mid to late thirties. Other times, he looks closer to fifty. Note, I'm not talking MAX here, just the 616 version. And then there's Jubilee, who goes from looking 25 to 16 at a drop of a hat. I know it's mostly to do with the artist, but still. And now we have Blade and Morbius, both of whom are not new to this game. Take the recent X-Men spoliers. What is with the mustache? Someone explain that damn mustache. I know Blade's starting to settle down with Jakie-another recent trend; everyone other than Spidey, get in a potentially long term relationship and pray no one kills someone-but why the mustache? Why that horrible mustache?! Why damn you why?!!!! And then there's the recent change in Morbius's hair line. I thought it was just a small little change, but then it's there in the spolier for Amazing Spider Man 642.

Daken's True motivation/Big Plan

Seriously, does he just want to rule the world? I'm not quite sure. Me, personally, I think he's going to try and rule the world by destroying it or something. I mean, the guy's not mentally there. And after reading the last few issues, plus the whole Fates thing, I think he could do it...And now  want him to go on a mission to destroy the world, because everyone wants to be the next Kingpin.
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Wait, what if that Shadowland Teaser was right?

We fans of Marvel know to NEVER trust a trailer or a teaser. However, as Bullseye dying happened-how long he stays dead is another thing altogether-I am forced to consider that one or two of the teasers may be the real deal. 
Now first, we all know that Marvel would never kill Spider-Man. As much as we want them to take chances with their characters, it's a safe bet to say that no one wants Spider-Man to actually die. That being said, what if that teaser of Punisher shooting at Spider-Man was true? Honestly, for me, I would love it, if only because of the reaction it could get out of DD. Like him doing something caused Spider-Man to get seriously hurt. It would be awesome! And what it would do to the other people involved would be interesting.  
And then there are the two most perplexing ones: Electra holding onto Matt's grave, and Wolverine with DD's mask in his claws. Killing Bullseye wouldn't cut that kinda reaction from Logan, but someone close to him getting hurt...But would Marvel do this? Probably not.  
Let me say one thing: Shadowland is funny, in that it's so small scale. Did we care for Siege? I mean, Asgard falling to Earth was cool, but a war over NY? And what of the Thanos Imperative? That's a war over all of existence! And yet, it's the war over a fairly small piece of property that gets everyone's attention. Just goes to show you how happy the street-level fans are to finally have their cross-over.

What women really wnat! Gambit Appreciation!...

I watched Bab's review of the X-Women book. You know the one...As I watched this, I realized something; women really don't want another empowerment talk. Do you know how annoying those are? Seriously, be strong, be brave, be Blah, blah, blah. Am I saying women shouldn't be strong and brave and all that? No, but when you hear it all the time, it just dumbs down the whole thing. So please Marvel, don't hit us over the head with this Girl's Comic crap; we love our Marvel Women beating up bad guys, not on Life Time.  
You know what would make us happy Marvel? Gambit appreciation, which, should look something like this:'><img src=''></a>  
Or a Silver Surfer appreciation, which would kinda look like this: 
<a href=''><img src=''></a>     
or this: 
<a href=''><img src=''></a> 
We really aren't too picky. Heck, give us a nice big spread of Daken in a thong. 
But really Marvel, we're tired of condecsedning rubbish being paraded around like it's the best thing since Cyclop's full body suit.

Lauro or Daken: Who has it worse?

We all want a real Daken/X-23 fight, right? Of course we do. And now that those pesky Muramasa claws are gone, it could actually be a fair fight. But this blog post isn't about that. No, it's about which one of these emo characters had the worst upbringing. Let's looks at the two: 
Killed two adoptive parents 
heavily implied to be sexually abused by clearly abusive caretaker 
No clearly defined paternal figure  
Over-idealized maternal figure 
Ostracized as a child by peers. 
 Killed mother 
heavily abused, in probably every way possible 
ostracized by peers  
poor paternal figure 
After I look over my list-it's suppose to be general!-I see that when you think about it, their both pretty bad. But when you look over the details, who had it worst? My money's on Daken. Of course Laura has it bad, but let's remember that at least she has people who clearly love her and who would do anything to help her. I mean, teenage years do count as an extension of childhood. And she's having something of a second childhood right now, kinda. It's not a perfect situation, but at least it's something. Daken doesn't even have that. But, what do you guys think?

Best TearJerkers inComics! Gear up those tissue boxes!

Ok, so I'm only a year into comics. I'm not a seasoned pro like some of you. Yes, call me a noob, because that's what I am. One thing I love about comics is how much the fans love them. We love them. People think we're crazy, but we don't care. For some reason, many normal people-I call them Normies-do not understand it when we get emotional over our favorite comics. Now, this kinda annoys me. Was it not kinda sad when Gwen died? Or when Daken killed Frank-I really don't want any debate as to FrankenCastle-and we knew it was coming but we couldn't stop it? Did you cry? Or scream at the top of your lungs, throw the book down in anger, then cry for 2 hours straight?...Ok, Gwen dying did kinda get me. And Frank dying. Sure, he came back, but just watching him get torn apart after years of surviving everything else. And then there were those lovely, wordless panels from Punisher #12.  Manga counts. And yes folks, I cried when Jiraiya died. I then listened to that one super sad death Cap for Cutie song. You know the one.
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