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The Title For A First Post Should Be Something Special, Right?

Right. But this is the one that happened.

Anyway, I love the "comic book" medium -- it is a fantastically entertaining way to tell a story. Though many have (and do) predict the end of the comics industry, I don't think comics are in danger of disappearing... on the contrary, digital distribution means that many, many more stories of any and all genres can be shared without the need for a traditional publisher / gatekeeper. And digital comics are much easier to store and carry than long-boxes!

That said, there are some stories readers will always want to have in print and on a shelf, so it's not like the print medium will die out. I believe that the digital medium will be the most prevalent comics publishing format and the most popular digital stories are the ones that will make it into print in the form of collectible prestige editions. (Just as many people in recent years stopped buying monthly comics (or watching weekly TV shows) in favor of waiting for the collected editions.)

A wise muppet once said, "Always in motion is the future." But with the rate of change due to emerging technologies, we're seeing significant changes taking place right before our eyes. It's a very exciting time for publishing in general and comics in particular!