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I think she could work. I also think Alice Eve would be a decent fit too. Truth is I've been pretty happy with all of Marvel's casting decisions so really who ever they go with will be fine by me.

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    @jhazzroucher: I don't think it is out of character at all. I also think blaming the writer's is a cop out. Storm and Black Panther are two very strong-willed characters.

    Storm did what she thought was right by siding with the Phoenix Five. Do I think that was the wrong decision, yes. When has the Phoenix Power ever worked out for anyone? That's just all bad. She knows this. I like to think though that maybe she was sticking it out to maybe sway Cyclops/ Phoenix Five to continue to help the world? However, and this goes back to her being strong-willed; when the entire cast of the Avengers gets their asses handed to them by the Phoenix Five; if you really still feel that you can sway that kind of power, then that is an Over-Inflated Ego not intelligence or wisdom. She should have back down many, many times and went back to the Avengers and her Husband, but Pride and Ego kept her on the side of wrong. I can respect that she did what she thought was right, but even making the Right Decision has consequences, her marriage to Black Panther being annulled is a consequence that could have easily been forseen. Black Panther traditionally puts Wakanda above all else. Annulling the marriage to Storm is exactly in his character to do. She betrayed Wakanda and she betrayed him, and she even betrayed herself. I don't think this is bad storytelling or bad writing I think this is spot-on.

    Obviously this is all opinion based. Maybe I am a chauvinist or something I don't, but Black Panther's response seems pretty damn logical to me.

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      @Umbraa: Nice.

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        Why is everybody jumping to Storm's defense? As Queen of Wakanda her responsibility should have not only been with her Husband (for better or worse), but her "adopted by marriage" country men, the Wakandans. She knowingly; KNOWINGLY optioned to fight against her own people when she sided with the Phoenix Five. T'Challa's Country had just seen tragedy like it probably hasn't seen in easily generations at the hands of his Wife's Allies. In the real world that is Treason and in most cases is punishable by death; she is lucky banishment was all she received.

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        After I have become ruler of Mars by Marrying Dejah Thoris and squashing the other War Lords of Mars, I would begin work to establish a colony of Earthlings on Mars in hopes to begin work on an emergency evacuation plan if Earth were to ever be threaten. Nothing like having an Ace in the Hole. Actually really just Marrying Dejah Thoris would be enough for me everything else would just be icing.

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        I would like to see a really good Superman versus Doomsday; with a twist; Doomsday is a Darkseid creation. Yes, I know; I am slapping continuity and history in the face; but check me out. It starts with a Boom Tube opening over Metropolis and thousands of Parademons are swarming out. The streets are in chaos. Superman appears out from the sky and manages to beat back all of them (hooray). Then as he thinks he is done and gazes into to boom tube which would would be glowing ed from the Atmosphere of Apokolips; Doomsdays comes crushing to the ground. You will fight Doomsday (to no prevail) once he has vanquished you he takes you to Apokolips where you are confronted by Darkseid he tells you his plans of relocating to Earth as Apokolips is on the verge of Destruction. Superman fights Doomsday for round two; this time beating him back and dumping him into one of the many lava pits on Apokolips; and takes this news back to Earth. He quickly prepares for coming battle. 1) Teams up with STAR Labs to find a way to neutralize Apokolips; and two prepares for the invasion army. The final battle will be Superman Running through Umpteen ParaDemons, then has to beat back Granny Goodness and her Female Furies, then has to run through Doomsday Again... (Guys just never stops) then finally has to defeat Darkseid while trying to save Apokolips. The ending would be Superman setting off a series of Boom Tubes in a central part of Apokolips causing it to travel galaxies away from earth for the time being. Also; teasrer ending; Doomsday escapes to Earth. and will confront Superman again.

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        I really enjoyed this issue. I look forward to the shake-up to the X-Men Roster this is going to have. When a certain some one sucker punched a certain some one (kind of how he always tends to do) I noticed the expression of a certain other someone who is probably going to have some words with a certain sucker punching someone after this all pans out. Then that someone will probably leave or ask the sucker punching someone to leave.

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          And I love the cover art by Adam Hughes. Freaking Awesome. I am little disappointed my comic store didn't have this issue.

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          Joel Schumacher is full of s&!# end of discussion. The fact that he is claiming to have wanted to do The Dark Knight is just his sad attempt to gain some notoriety on the Bat Franchise. He singlehandely destroyed that character and those movies until Nolan came around and revived them. The man didn't understand the character or the genre hence why his two versions of the movie sucked; so why does he feel like his opinion could possibly hold any credibility whatsoever? He said he was pressured by Network executives which I believe is true, but how about a show of dignity; he could have walked away citing creative differences; if he is a so called fan; then that would have been the obvious and only choice to make.

          I am sorry if I offended anyone, but Schumacher p!$$3$ me off.

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          I feel Emma is a strong character and I do not believe she has taken a backseat at all; however if she were to strike out on her own I believe a bit of her ruthlessness and indomitable will; will be more present than when tied to Scott. Let's face facts when you are in a relationship you do lose a little bit of yourself (and gain more too), but decisions and actions are always generally made with your partner in mind. With Emma naturally she is a cold calculating self-empowered woman; with Scott I still see her as self-empowered, but I believe we are seeing the warmth from within shining through that cold exterior thus bringing out the best in her; and enabling her to be not so cold; not so ruthless like she was when she co-lead the Hellfire Club. Make no mistake that cold ruthlessness is still very much a part of her and I have n doubts that when (if) Scott and her separate that it will resurface. I am reminded of the old adage Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; I guarantee that if they break up for whatever reason all those years of pent up ruthlessness and coldness will come back t haunt Scott Ten Fold. I would kind of actually like to see that too. Not a big fan of Scott Summers. On a side note I hope Wolverine leaves him scarred or takes a limb in Schism 5.