Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Good Morning Everyone, 
Last night I was watching Star Wars:  The Clone Wars Season 2 and an intersting theory popped into my head.  First off, I was watching the string of episodes about the Mandalores.  A character by the name of Duchess Satine Kryze caught my eye.   
She is the leader of the now  Pacifist Mandalorains.  It turns out that Satine and Obi Wan are old acquaintences... when Obi Wan was a Padawan, he and Qui Gon Jinn were assigned to the Mandalorian Home World during the Mandalorian Civil Wars to protect Satine Kryze. During this year  Obi Wan and Satine fell in love... but ultimately Obi Wan chose his duties as a Jedi and continue his learning, even though he stated that if she would  have asked him then he would have stayed with her and ended his Jedi Training... this is my Theory.  I've heard the name Satine before. Satine is the name of Ewan McGregor's Love interest in Moulin Rouge.  Then it donned on me that Duchess Satine kind of resembles Nicole Kidman.   
 In the movie Moulin Rouge, Nicole Kidman's character Satine falls in love with Ewan McGregor's character Christian, but ultimately becomes a love that cannot be as she is intended to marry The Duke... which I break to apoint out that if this marriage were to happen that would make Nicole Kidman's cahracter in Moulin Rouge... A Duchess.  The thought that has popped into my mind is did the writers and developss of The Star Wars:  Clone Wars do this on purpose as a pseudo-homage to Ewan McGregor?  Or is this just a coincidence?  I like to think this was done intentionally.   What do you guys think?  I for one hope that one day they explore the year Obi Wan spent on Mandalore.  I find it very interesting that Obi Wan had a potential Girl Friend... I'm not sure why.  I would also like to see more stories in regards to what happens to the Duchess Satine Kryze, as well.  She is probably my favorite character to appear out of the Clone Wars. 

Collecting the Dream

I've been a Comic Book lover since 2001 when I first joined the Coast Guard.  I have always considered myself a collector, as I hate to get rid of cool things I love and I very much love my Comics like many of you.  It wasn't till a few years ago that I became a serious collector.  I remember my first steps in this direction.  I purchased Amazing Spider-Man 42; the First Appearance of Mary Jane Watson.  I remember thinking that I would never own the 1st Appearances of Wolverine or Captain America Golden or Silver, and that I was going to focus my collection around notable secondary characters.  I am a working class citizen with a dead end job and bills to pay like everybody else and so I thought picking up first appearances of secondary notable characters was a good goal for my station in life.  Well, I continued to do so.  I bought the first appearance of Carol Danvers, Marvel Superheroes Number 13 and the 1st appearance of Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel Number.  Then something happened, I managed to get my hands on Incredible Hulk 181, the First Appearance of Wolverine.  This changed everything.  The surge of energy I felt when I held it in my hands the first time was me entering into a new plane of existence... one that I would not or could not ever come back from.  This is when I became a serious collector. This is when I knew that anything is possible.  In the years to come I would continue forward, upping the Ante each time.  Last year at this very time, I set out to own the Complete 1st Series of Captain America, issues 100-454, well I am happy to report I am 66 issues away from completing this endeavor.  I also managed to procure Avengers Number 4, The First Silver Age Appearance of Captain America, (my favorite issue) as well as, Action Comics 252, 1st Appearance of Supergirl (Also my oldest comic).  Needless to say, I have developed and fine tuned my collection and look forward to the New Year as I begin to formulate me new Goals.  I am certainly excited to think of all the new possibilities that will present its self, especially as I work towards my overarching life goal of Captain America Comics, Captain America Number 1; the First Ever Appearance of Captain America!       

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Random Ramblings Part 6

Why did Leia call Han a Scruffy Nerfherder?   What does this say about Leia? 
Well, I was sitting feeling my facial hair and thinking about the time Princess Leia called Han Solo a Scuffy Nerfherder.  It dawned on me that Han really wasn't that Scruffy.  In fact he was baby faced.  So, like, why Scruffy.  I mean, really, why Scruffy.  Nerf Herder I get.  I looed up the exact definition for those who are unfamiliar with the ongoings of the Star Wars Universe...  
 A nerf herder, also spelled "nerf-herder" or "nerfherder", was someone who herded nerfs on various planets throughout the galaxy. As it was solely an occupation for lower-class beings, the term "nerf herder" became an insult used throughout the galaxy. Nerf herders were often somewhat simple, but as a result of living outdoors and fighting off anything that interfered with their herds, they became quite capable.      
So, knowing what a nerfherder is now... I think it is fair to say that it is a type of Social Class.  So, Princess Leia was looking down on Han because he wasn't a higher class maybe?  I don't... I'm posing the question?  She was really frazzled when she made her infamous remark, so she probably didn't intend to be a diss at Han's Social Standing, but being that she was frazzled and said the first thing that came to mind, is it possible that she really doesn't like poor people and this was a Freudian-slip?   

But why Scruffy?  Han's not Scrufffy. I am scruffy.  It just doesn't make sense. 
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One man's Obsession...

I am a huge Captain America fan, and I wanted to share with you my glory, if you will.  I have recently been conducting an Inventory of my Comics, not just to see how many I have, but what I had.  I am close to completeing the first series of Captain America.  I am within 100 issues of the complete set.  Every payday, I've been buying some and buying some and buying some.  Now, I am close.  I will keep you guys posted as I continue toward this goal!  Then discuss plans to go further.    I am thinking Tales of Suspense and possible even looking to break into the Golden Age of Captain America Comics. 

Crazy Idea 6...

Man, oh, Man.  We and my buddy have been working hard on our Comic Idea.  We ended up getting stuck today for 45 Minutes on Timeline/ Paradoxes.  Time Shifts Suck.  
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I love eBay.  So, freaking much.  I just bought a vintage Captain America Mego Action Figure and a WW2 Cap Statue and some other Captain America Toys.   Fantastic.  It really is the Collectors best friend.  I think I have boughten all my current statues from eBay.  A quarter of my Captain America Comic Book Collection.  My best friends Green Lantern Lantern Replica.  That was sweet.  All from eBay.     

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Okay, Clark has been out of High School for like 5 years going on 6, it is time to rock the Blue and Red Uniform.  This little EMO thing he has got going on; not so much anymore.  I liked the premise of Smallville, but after ten years, it is time to stop alluding and start doing, as my best bud Brandon said.  I quoted him.  He will like that, if he ever stops being a slacker and gets on ComicVine.  Lazy bum.  I mean I sent him the link in an e-mail twice.  How hard is it to click on a link? 

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My Office

I am a huge Captain America Fan.  I took a couple pictures of my office.  My most prized possession is the Captain America's Shield.  I absolutely love it.   Eventually I am going to get some frames for some of my Cap Comics.     


The Shield is the Centerpiece of my Collection, eventually I think I am going to get some shelving and really get a great display going.   


This is a close-up on the top shelf in  my Office.  Marvel Legends Captain America from Series 1 along with Sharon Carter and the America Dream. 

Throne of the Slayer

So, this comes out in June and I am going to buy it I think.  I am a huge fan of the show and saw this new Statue and said to myself, It will be mine.   Oh yes, it will be mine.


Crazy Idea 5...

How do you know if you have gone too far with writing?  Is there such a thing as going to far I wonder?  My character I created is based of me loosely.  It is a good character, but I am wondering if I should not use so many real life events.  HHHmmm..... I must ponder this.
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