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Favorite Lanterns

A list of my personal favorite 12 Lanterns. Feel free to leave feedback or whatever. :D

List items

  • At first glance Atros seems like some sort of mindless beast, but there's a lot of depth to him. The injustice he suffered from the Guardians is what drives him, not blind blood thirst. Furthermore, his incredible power is unmatched among Lanterns. He killed and tortured Guardians for @#$% sake!

  • A brutal, powerful Lantern, Arkillo earned my respect when he was only narrowly defeated by Mongul 2, an incredibly powerful opponent. What he lacks in character depth, he makes up for in tongue necklace.

  • Powerful, intimidating, and the leader of my second favorite Corps, at least for a while.

  • Such a good kitty.

  • Too comical for me to love, but powerful enough for me to respect. If he were a more serious character, he'd take the #1 spot.

  • I just wanna give the poor guy a big squid hug. Poor guy :(

  • My 4th favorite Red Lantern, one of many on this list with a tragic back story. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the reds have been severely weakened since the New 53, and Bleez has suffered quite the change in character, practically throwing herself at every new member of the Reds in order to gain power.

  • The coolest of the Blue Lanterns.

  • Powerful and legendary, his obsession with protecting all forms of life is an admirable and noble cause.


  • Hehehe. Beach Ball.

  • Legendary and powerful, but kinda looks like my dad with red skin. It creeps me out.