The Cartoon League

If I used cartoons, not anime or comics, to make a team similar to the Justice League....I would choose these people. Some could be considered anime but I consider them cartoons.

List items

  • The leader of the group, I picture him being an older avatar. This way you could show how powerful he really is when he was in his prime or his older state. He would form the League along with Ben 10, who would encounter Aang when all their worlds collide.

  • The batman of the group, Jack's mastery of the sword is just the tip of the ice burg with this cartoon beast. He would use the metal arm when he would need to be even more deadly.

  • He and Aang form the group together, drawing in heroes of all sorts to join the League. He'd be older, as with Aang, so you could go either way with his powers. I picture him being even more of a monster transformer than he is now.

  • Blossom would add Boom to the group, pretty much being a bruiser from hell. I'd have her still be young and they'd all pick on her for being short and sweet. It'd be great when she was beating down everything, freezing monsters with her ice breath, or blowing them away with her laser eyes.

  • I picture Ash being the voice of the group, always chiming in to do the right thing. He would ride Charizard with Pikachu on his back. He wouldn't be limited to 6 pokeballs though, so he'd be a summoning nightmare.

  • She'd follow Aang her when they rip apart the world during spirit training or something ha. Her bending with Aangs would be awesome to see.

  • He would add the blasts and the extra bruiser the team would need. He'd also be older so his powers would be amped up.

  • He'd be behind the scenes making things for the League, all the while Dee-Dee foiling his plans and causing havoc for the League itself.