Street Society(Marvel)

A rag tag team of street level fighters assembled to teach and train each other to better hone their skills. Pulling their talents, they would form a team of more locally based heroes who defend the Earth from smaller threats and evil plots.

List items

  • The leader of the group, Steve would leave the Avengers and join the Society to help train some of his common heroes. His relationship with Iron Man eventually splitting him from the Avengers.

  • Following Cap's lead, Widow would join the Society and be the resident right hand woman of Steve.

  • Taking up an oath not to kill anymore, Moon Knight would join the Society in an attempt to better his knowledge of hand to hand combat and how to restrain people without killing them.

  • Feeling that his powers would be better used on the ground than fighting Cosmic beings of evil, Hawkeye would join the Society and be the groups ranged instructor, teaching them all to aim better and techniques to fire weapons.

  • The older version of Iron Fist would be the best, but toned down a little bit on the Chi powered madness. Danny would teach the Society various forms of martial arts and how to focus their Chi.

  • Cage, of course, would follow Iron Fist into the Society to help out the lower class and to gain a sense that he was more of a "people's man".

  • Reluctant to join at first, Matt would eventually end up joining the Society. DD would be the more agile member of the group, teaching the group about acrobatic techniques.

  • The Society's money bag member, BP would provide most of the expenses the group used. He'd also provide them with vibranium metal that is so precious in his homeland. His base would prove as a good Society HQ as well.

  • The last member to join, Elektra would be an essential member of the Society and teach most of them about Chinese weaponry and how to handle themselves under high stressed situations.