Street Society (DC)

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In this version, Damion's death compels Batman to organize a more focused team of heroes down on Earth, who operate solely from the League and handle lesser evils.

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  • Bruce would be the the leader of the Society and it's founding member, feeling they would need to band together to improve their skills and fighting techniques.

  • Ollie would join the Society following Batman's lead, feeling like he couldn't be outclassed by Batman. He'd be the comic relief of the group as well as teaching them about archery and aim. His rivalry with Batman would be a constant theme in the show, as in they both would argue over who's paying for what since they both are billionaires.

  • Following Ollie into the Society, Canary would be a vital member of the group and be a figure head of combat training within the society.

  • Coming in to help these young wipper snappers train, Wildcat would be the group's bruiser despite his age. He would teach the Society about boxing techniques and how to take a punch.

  • Youngest and possibly the strongest member of the Society, Cassandra would take up the mantle of Bat girl and help the group in various ways. She'd end up getting into a rivalry with Black Canary, one that would end with them at each other's throats.

  • Following his father into the Society unknown to his dad, Connor would prove to be an excellent shot and marksman. The only thing that was more impressive than his shot was his ability to copy all the fighting prowess of everyone in the Society, making him a deadly fighter.

  • Vic would join the League in order to try and hone his own skills, though his martial arts wouldn't be up to the rest. He would teach most of them better detective skill aside from Batman.

  • She would join and be trained by Vic, who would gladly take her under his wing and make her into a monster.

  • He'd follow Bruce as the last member to join. His agility skills helping hone the rest of the team's.


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I'd definitely read a series if this was the line-up.