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Roland's Video Game Legion

If anyone has played Kingdom Hearts or seen Wreck it Ralph, that's pretty much the idea here. All the virtual worlds of video games would be mashed together, the heroes of each game pairing together to bring their worlds back to balance.

List items

  • The silent leader of the group, Cloud would find himself flung into the midst of a war between the monsters of each game. Fighting his way through some resident evil zombies and thugs from Infamous easily, he'd make his way to the teams current HQ, Hyrule Palace. Once there, he'd meet up with the rest of the group and they'd adventure to reclaim their worlds and restore order. Cloud would act as a pure DPS swordsman who relies on combos and auto attacks to slice his enemies up. Along with his materia, he'd prove to be a worthy leader for the team, though perhaps not the strongest.

  • Being one of the original members of the group, Link's Hyrule Palace would act as a base of operations for their group while they do missions. Link would act as the voice of reason within the group, always knowing what is right and what needs to be done. His skill in battle would rely heavily on his equipment, though with it Link would be a monster.

  • His scanners would lead him to Hyrule, were X would join the group and act as the team's resident blaster. He'd be able to use different gems to power his suit, using different magic with each power up.

  • Snake would already be in Hyrule when Cloud arrives, casually smoking a cigar in the background much to the dismay of Link. He'd act as the team's resident strategist and gun man, using tranq darts until he had to use the bigger weaponry.

  • Sonic would burst onto the scene shortly after Cloud, knocking most of the group down with him. After a brief scuffle. the team would accept him into the group. He'd act as the comedic relief for the team, annoying Snake most of the time, while still providing the speedster role for the team.

  • Lara would join after realizing she had no way back to her world without the help of the others, much to her dismay. I see her gun skills being of some use along with her agility.

  • Cole would attack the group shortly after they meet, mistaking them for enemies. After some intense fighting, he'd join the team and act as the resident lightning blaster for the team. Raiden would be able to power up using Cole as a source of energy.

  • Raiden would attack the group with Cole, until seeing Snake and realizing what was going on. Happy to see his old friend, Raiden would offer up his skills to the group, usually challenging Cloud for leadership

  • Joining the group after finding their base, Samus would end up proving to be a very powerful ally to them. Her suit would end up rivaling X's, much to his annoyance with all his power ups.

  • Having attained all the abilities of ALtiar, Ezio, Conner, and Haythem, Desmond would act as the team's ghost character, usually preferring to do missions alone to get the job done.

  • Not the younger version but the ba, bar owning Dante, with all his swords and guns. He would be the rebel of the group and usually cause more chaos in the fights until he learned to use his abilities with the team.