Roland's Avengers

This would be my team of Avengers if I could make the team.

List items

  • One of the leagues first members and founders, Tony would provide a loose leadership to the team along with finance most of their expenses.

  • Power house of the group and one of the original members. He would provide wisdom in times of crisis and be the older member of the group, making him the perfect person to mentor the rest of the group as well.

  • Group's resident brick man, his attitude would be great to see with Parker and I feel him and Iron Man's ideals wouldn't usually be the same, causing tension in the group.

  • Resident loud mouth and kind spirited member of the group. Would serve as the voice of reason to all the super powered bone heads when things got tough.

  • More so than Hulk, Bruce Banner would be the groups resident genius. In times of need, Bruce would intentionally let himself get turned into the green giant to help his teammates.

  • Iron Man would pester Logan until finally he would join the group just to shut him up.

  • During a long break with Reed and her brother's death weighing on her mind, Sue would join the group in hopes of finding a new family.

  • Providing another power house, Thor would join the team as their godly teammate