Powers for a Thief

I've always asked myself "What would I choose as my super power if I was a Thief?"

List items

  • Blinking in a stealing everyone's money then teleporting out before anyone knew I was there? Who could turn that down.

  • Walls, doors....secretly locked bank vaults: all would be within my reach with these nifty abilities.

  • Zip in, tornado up all the goodies, zip out. I doubt any camera system would be able to pick up my movements.

  • Honestly, with this power I'd be more of a Tyrant ruler type guy than a thief lol. Darth Magneto.

  • You see me walking into the bank vault? No you don't...Mind erase. This would probably be the most practical way to rob people without anyone dying or getting hurt, aside from the occasional mind rotted guard or two.

  • Almost forgot about this one ha. Transform into anyone and just waltz on in and grab the goods. Simple and effective.

  • It's in the name. If you can't figure this one out then I don't know what to tell ya.

  • I think this one would be fun to attempt.

  • Zap my way in, no security cameras, no guns, no guards. Easy money.

  • Not the quietest approach and I'm sure a lot of people and objects would get destroyed but hey, they couldn't stop me. I'd be the fing Juggernaut yo.