Justice Legion: Aftermath

This is a story that I've been playing around with for awhile. The premise of the tale starts with the current DC universe, yet there is a time skip to the future after the main events happen. In the current time, Lex Luthor activates Superboy and Supergirl, who kill Superman and take over the world afterwards.

Most heroes are either killed or leave the planet there after, but Bruce Wayne remains alive and in hiding. He blames himself for letting the world slip into chaos, but he has a new apprentice, Terry Mcginnis, who he is going to train to help save the world. He knows Terry will need help, so Bruce hunts down the rest of the Legion to help his apprentice fight the new world order.

List items

  • The Leader of the Legion, Terry would be trained by Bruce and would be very adept at using the suit at this point. He knows that if he want to save the world from this new order, he's going to have to live up to Bruce's legacy while holding his team together through strong leadership.

  • Before being activated to kill Superman, Superboy would be in love with Miss Martian. Their love would blossom into a child who would end up being recruited by Bruce. The child of Me'Gann and Superboy would end up having Martian and Kryptonian DNA, granting him many powers such as shapeshiting, TP, Super strength, flight, super speed, phashing, and heat vision. He would want revenge on his father, not knowing that his dad is mind controlled by Lex.

  • Mother of Mag-El

  • Green Arrow would be dead long ago, but Bruce would find the daughter of Black Canary and Arrow and enlist her to fight for the Legion. Inheriting her mother's scream and her father's archery ability, she would use futuristic arrows to combat the new world order as well be the Legion's premier hand to hand fighter.

  • Mother of Sonic Shot.

  • John would have died in the initial take over of the planet, but not before leaving behind and child that he had with Hawkgirl. That little girl would grow up into a strong, independent woman who would inherit her father's ring and her mother's Thanagarian wings. Her signature constructs would reflect her father's style, with a big tribute to her mother by making a signature mace out of her lantern ring.

  • Mother of Hawklight