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Justice Academy

I have always been a fan of DCs younger animated series because they showed how a team evolved and how friendships developed. Not only that, but they always seem to enforce the code of "Teamwork" woven into each one. Teen Titans and Young Justice are some of my favorite series and I don't think I need to go into why because I could go on forever...


This is what I wish DC would have done with their younger super heroes or wish they would do in the future...

It would start with the Justice League, flashing to missions as they have a council meeting in their HQ. The flashbacks would reveal that Donna Troy, the current Wonder Girl, was killed in the Leagues last mission. Superman and company would be discussing about disbanding the League and going back to an original 7 members. On that note, Cyborg and Batman formulate a plan to use this as an chance to gather their heroes and make them stronger..safer. They propose the Justice Academy....A secret island, funded by Wayne Industries of course, where they would gather their younger heroes and put instructors there to train them. There were some debates about WHO would teach the students, no one had the time. If they were teaching, who'd be saving the world?

On that note, Batman decides that for the greater good of mankind and the next generation, he will convince Nightwing, who is a known leader, to leave the League and teach the next generation of heroes so they would save more people and protect themselves. It takes some doing, but with the help of Cyborg, Batman convinces Dick to take up this task, for the greater good.

The League would decide to break the classes up into 4 different divisions, each taught by a League appointed instructor. After intense acceptance exams, 16 students would gain access to the Academy.

Leadership--Dick Grayson

Technology-- Cyborg

Bruiser-- Cassandra Sandsmark

Mystic-- Zatanna

The teachers would send the students out in groups of 3, forcing them to work together no matter their personal feelings towards each other in the certain group. Each team would appoint their own leader, aside from their instructor, that leads the team out on missions.

Team 1

Tim Drake


Bart Allen

Team 2

Blue Beetle


Mia Deardon

Team 3


Beast Boy


Team 4


Miss Martian

Hot Spot

List items

  • Leaving the League to become the one of the instructors at the Academy, Dick would mostly take his frustrations out on his students. He would lead the Leadership class and his main goal would be to teach the next generation about the effect of tactics on the battlefield as well as teamwork. His team would be picked based on each individuals talents and their ability to one day lead. He'd form a close bond to Cassandra after leading the Academy for awhile.

  • Cyborg would leave the league to, feeling obligated to teach the younger generation how to fight and use their power for good. His team would mostly use technology based equipment that he would teach them to amplify and help them grow.

  • Appointed to her position by Wonder Woman herself and feeling the most sorrow from Donna's loss, Cassandra would leave Amazonian island and come to the Academy to teach students. Her powers are powered from Trigun, if I remember, which would add a nice element of synergy with her and Raven. She would always make her students fight each other, as she feels that's the best way to train. At some point, Cassandra would become overtaken by her weapons and kidnap Raven for Trigun, which I think would be an epic story line to do.

  • Inspired by her fellow League members, Zatanna would leave the League and go to the Academy to teach mystic arts to the young heroes, feeling she was best up to the task. Her class would be easier than most, feeling they need to still enjoy the gift of childhood and youth.

  • Appointed Leader of Team 1. His skills and tactics would be shown to grow a lot through out the series, learning from his older version of Robin. Not only that, but being in a team with other members who've been shown to lead as well only makes Tim a better leader, as he learns from his teammates. It will be a rocky start for team 1, since they all have different opinions for different scenarios. Tim would end up getting in a relationship with Mia, and who knows what could happen with the HIV she has and how'd he feel once he finds out. Due to this, Mia will hide it from mostly everyone during the series, but eventually there would be a point where this all comes to a head.

  • Kal would be appointed here by Aquaman himself, and he'd prove to be a valuable ally to his teammates. His leadership skills would actually rub off onto Tim, who would be wanting him to take the mantle of team leader anyway. Aqualad would refuse however, preferring to not be in the spotlight. He'd form a strong friendship with Hot Spot, which I think would be cool due to the fact they are complete opposites.

  • Serving as the comic relief and pretty much "forced" to go here by the Flash, Bart would soon show that he is more than a comedic relief. The main point I would go for would be to have him grow, using his power in different ways each time.

  • The reluctant team leader of team 2, BB would learn a lot about his suit from Cyborg. Not only that, but he'd get to develop friendships with both his teammates, but especially Static.

  • Joining the Academy on a dare that he wouldn't get in, Virgil would be a comedic duo with BB as they grew and learned together. Aside from his comedy Static would learn ways to invent things to harness his power being paired in this unit, making him stronger as a hero overall.

  • In the same shoes as Bart, Mia would be forced to attend the academy by Green Arrow. She would be the voice of reason in her team, usually begging for help from Raven to save her, who'd she grow to be best friends with. Her and Tim Drake would form a strong relationship together. All the while she would be hiding the fact of her illness to the team, making her feel guilty and affecting her overall learning.

  • Leader of team 3, Conner would push his team to the limit when it came to training, usually taking on the other two in his group to help them all grow. He would form a strong relationship with Beast Boy and eventually end up dating his sister, Miss Martian. This, of course, would annoy Beast Boy to no end and he'd try to act like he never hears or sees that they are an item.

  • With the green skin in tact, Beast boy would bring the comedy to this team of heroes. He would develop newer transformations that would allow him to transform only parts of his body instead of his entire shape, making him a threat. On top of that, he would have a huge crush on mystic arts teacher, Zatanna. This would lead to him doing crazy antics just to get her attention.

  • Feeling out of place in the world, Starfire felt the Academy would be a good place for her, though she constantly feels out of place with the team she's been paired with. She eventually would teach Superboy how to control his eye beams, which she would be developing throughout the series. I imagine Tim Drake would get with her at some point in the show, Mia possibly being dead.

  • Leader of Team 4, Raven would prove to be a very powerful mystic, sometimes scaring her teacher Zatanna. She would help Hot spot gain control of his abilities, and even form a relationship with Cyborg, who would be reluctant of going after her since she was a student. Being the daughter of Trigon, there would be a major story arc with her and Cassandra.

  • Coming under the guidance of her uncle Martian Manhunter, MM and her brother Beast boy would go to the Academy to one day be protectors of their home planet. She would develop her powers throughout the show, growing from a mostly support character to a full on Martian beast. Her and Superboy would get together, annoying her brother to no end.

  • A unlikely member of the mystic team, Hot Spot would join the Academy to try and gain more control over his power. He would develop a relationship with Raven, but when the entire class would be together he would usually be a loner, not wanting to burn anyone on accident.