Justice Academy

I have always been a fan of DCs younger animated series because they showed how a team evolved and how friendships developed. Not only that, but they always seem to enforce the code of "Teamwork" woven into each one. Teen Titans and Young Justice are some of my favorite series and I don't think I need to go into why because I could go on forever...


This is what I wish DC would have done with their younger super heroes or wish they would do in the future...

It would start with the Justice League, flashing to missions as they have a council meeting in their HQ. The flashbacks would reveal that Donna Troy, the current Wonder Girl, was killed in the Leagues last mission. Superman and company would be discussing about disbanding the League and going back to an original 7 members. On that note, Cyborg and Batman formulate a plan to use this as an chance to gather their heroes and make them stronger..safer. They propose the Justice Academy....A secret island, funded by Wayne Industries of course, where they would gather their younger heroes and put instructors there to train them. There were some debates about WHO would teach the students, no one had the time. If they were teaching, who'd be saving the world?

On that note, Batman decides that for the greater good of mankind and the next generation, he will convince Nightwing, who is a known leader, to leave the League and teach the next generation of heroes so they would save more people and protect themselves. It takes some doing, but with the help of Cyborg, Batman convinces Dick to take up this task, for the greater good.

The League would decide to break the classes up into 4 different divisions, each taught by a League appointed instructor. After intense acceptance exams, 16 students would gain access to the Academy.

Leadership--Dick Grayson

Technology-- Cyborg

Bruiser-- Cassandra Sandsmark

Mystic-- Zatanna

The teachers would send the students out in groups of 3, forcing them to work together no matter their personal feelings towards each other in the certain group. Each team would appoint their own leader, aside from their instructor, that leads the team out on missions.

Team 1

Tim Drake


Bart Allen

Team 2

Blue Beetle


Mia Deardon

Team 3


Beast Boy


Team 4


Miss Martian

Hot Spot

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