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The Titans

A new form of the Teen Titans, formed by Aqualad. Their main enemy is N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a secret group focused solely on kidnapping young super heros and using them as experiments.

The story begins with Aqualad, Kaldur'ahm, living with his foster parents in rural Silver City, New Mexico. After walking out into the rain, Kaldur discovers he is more than just a young man attending high school. His limbs begin to web and the tattoos he has had since birth begin to glow at the same time. In that instance, his step father comes out and take Kaldur off to a secluded part of the desert. Once there, his step father tells him that he is the son of Aqua man, though it is not known his true father is Black Manta. Upon hearing this, Kaldur proclaims he doesn't want the mantle of Aqua lad and rushes off, his father unable to chase him.

At that time, NOWHERE finds him and attempts to abduct him into their organization. After a small fight where NOWHERE agents beat down Kaldur, he is saved by Roy Harper aka Arsenal. After being saved, Kaldur offers his thanks to Arsenal, who in turn offers him a deal of sorts. Help him free others like himself and his debt will be paid off. Kaldur accepts and Roy takes him back to HQ, where they encounter the rest of the team, superheroes whom Roy has already freed from NOWHEREs control and are advocates on freeing others like them.

The original members of the Titans are Arsenal, Aqualad, Blue Beetle (Found his way there through the scarab), Bart Allen (In this continuity, Impulse finds Arsenal looking for Wally West, who's believed to be kidnapped by NOWHERE), and Starfire. (Arsenal freed her from a NOWHERE holding facility before he meets the rest of the group.)

The Founding Members



Blue Beetle



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