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Wolverine's Women

The many women who have been romantically linked with Logan.

List items

  • Logan's childhood companion, she is the first girl he ever loved. Though she loved Logan it was not a romantic love, she had fallen for another man. During a fight with Dog, another of Logan's childhood companions, she falls on Logan's claws and is killed.

  • Logan fell in love with Silver Fox in the early 1900s. They lived together in a small cabin in the Canadian Rockies. On Logan's birthday, she is raped and presumably killed by Sabretooth. The two lovers would later be reunited in the Weapon X program but due to their memories being tampered, neither would remember the other. Later on their memories of their time together emerge and they are reunited only to have Sabretooth kill Silver Fox for real this time.

  • Following WW2, Logan meets Itsu, a Japanese woman, and the two fall in love and are married. Itsu soon conceives a son. Logan returns to home to Itsu one day only to find her murdered. He believes their unborn child to be dead but the boy had been cut from his mother's womb and would become the mutant Daken.

  • Viper blackmailed Logan into marrying her for reasons of her own. Fortunately for Logan, the marriage did not last long.

  • Yet another Japanese girlfriend of Logan's, she ended up the same way as the previous. Dead.

  • An agent of the ATF, Logan was a part of one of her cases. They spent a few nights together.

  • Charlemagne and Logan worked together on several occasions. They shared a brief lived romance then ended with her dying.

  • Jean, considered by some to be the love of Logan's life, she kept him dangling on a hook for years. They shared a kiss here and there but she was never willing to leave Scott for him. She was selfish, keeping him in her thrall but never letting him be the main man in her life.

  • During the course of several X-Men missions in Japan, Logan fell for Mariko and she for him. They became engaged only for Mariko to break the engagement because she felt she had to clear her family name of its criminal connections. Before she is able to finish her mission she is poisoned by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, who bears a grudge against Logan. Not wanting to die a slow painful death by poison she asks Logan to kill her. Grief-stricken, he does as she requests.

  • Logan saved Melita's life after she was attacked by muggers. They continued a professional relationship but it soon became apparent it was blossoming into something more. When Logan was brainwashed by Dr. Rot. Logan reached out mentally to Melita and she was able to get help for him. They are currently in a relationship.

  • Although never acting on their mutual attraction beyond a kiss or two. They have definite chemistry.

  • An on and off lover of Logan's, she is in charge of raising Logan's foster daughter Amiko.

  • A woman of the Savage Land, she was the chieftain of the Tribe of Fire. Upon Logan's defeat of her and usurping of her leadership role, she offered herself to him and she conceived a son Erista. It is unknown whether Logan is ware of his son's existence.

  • An Atlantean who assisted Wolverine as a covert operative, she was also his bedmate until she too joined the list of murdered lovers of Logan.

  • Mystique and Logan first met in 1921 and their relationship has gone from friendship to love and to a betrayal. Exact details of this cycle are unknown. It is interesting to note that in the House of M, the two were lovers, though whether this was Mystique's desires manifesting or not is unclear.

  • Native and Logan were involved at one point.

  • Domino and Logan have had a sexual relationship in the past but it has never developed into emotional intimacy.

  • Wolverine fell in love with her, too bad she was manipulating him.

  • In the Ultimate universe, Storm and Logan share a brief romantic relationship. He rejects her though after a passionate kiss saying he is too old for her. She then brings up his affair with the then-underage Jean and he claims it is different because Jean is an old soul like him.

    On Earth 9811, Logan and Storm are married and have a daughter Kendall aka Torrent.

  • In an alternate universe, Logan leads HYDRA along with Susan and is her lover also.

  • In Marvel Mangaverse, Logan flirts with Felicia. At one point he says, "I've always been a sucker for a girl with a nice set of... CLAWS."

  • In Marvel Mangaverse, it is hinted that he and Yuriko were once lovers.

  • In the MC2 continuity, Logan and Elektra are married and have a daughter, Rina aka Wild Thing.

  • In What If Wolverine had Battled Conan the Barbarian? Logan is transported to Sonja's reality. Once there, he defeats Red Sonja and becomes her mate.

  • In an alternate universe, Logan and Sara are married.

  • In yet another alternate universe, Logan, known as the Hooded Man, impregnates Gaea in order to give her his healing factor and save the earth.

  • In Old Man Logan, Maureen is Logan's wife and the mother of his children, Scotty and Jade. She and her children are killed by the Hulk Gang while Logan is away.

  • Dated him in the 1950's

  • Had a brief relationship