She Kissed A Girl And She Liked It

Comic book lesbians and female bisexuals

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  • Karolina: One of my favorite comicbook characters ever. She is so sweet and her Majesdanian form is gorgeous.

  • Xavin: Betrothed to Karolina from a young age, Xavin turns up on Earth in the form of a man to woo Karolina only to discover Karolina likes girls. No problem for Xavin, he easily becomes a she in order to be with Karolina.

  • Willow: I love Willow, she started out so awkward in BTVS only to bloom into a powerful confident witch. Though claiming to be a lesbian, I believe her to be bisexual. Her relationship with Oz was not a facade.

  • Tara: My favorite lesbian ever. Unlike most comicbook girls ,Tara is a woman with curves and she is shy, sweet and modest. Her death was the worse thing to ever happen in the Buffy universe.

  • Renee: Honestly don't know much about her besides her sexual orientation and her secret identity as the Question.

  • Kennedy: The only thing I like about this girl is her loyalty and love for Willow. She was created as the anti-Tara and she is certainly that.

  • Satsu: Poor Satsu falls hard for head slayer Buffy, too bad Buffy's straight. Even though Buffy decides to eventually indulge in an experiment with Satsu. She makes it clear that it is just a fling between them. Satsu is left with a broken heart.

  • Raven: She is one hot cold-hearted bitch. She would never win mother of the year award but she was loyal to her lover Destiny. Destiny is probably the one person Mystique loved unreservedly.

  • Irene: The longtime lover of Mystique, she loved her despite her faults. It is a pity she had to die in one of Mystique's schemes.

  • X'ian: X'ian is probably the most well-known of Marvel's lesbians. The poor girl is often stereotyped by it. She is a powerful mutant in her own right though and her powers of possession are not to be scoffed at.

  • Bling: I don't even know her real name or even her power but I do know that she had a crush on Mystique in the guise of Foxx. Currently she seems to be carrying a torch for Rogue.

  • Kat: If I don't know much about Renee then I know even less about Katherine aside from her Bat conceptions.

  • The Exiles Mariko Yashida preferred the fairer sex.

  • An Alternate Reality Mary Jane had a relationship with Mariko Yashida

  • Implied relationship with Yukio and Callisto

  • Implied relationship with Storm

  • Implied relationship with Storm

  • Comes from a reality that oppresses men, also showed disappointment on finding out that She-Hulk was not a lesbian

  • Fell in love with Moondragon while in female form, changed to male form to be with her.