Rogue's Boys

The various men who have been romantically linked with Anna Marie, at one time or another.

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  • Rogue's first boyfriend and crush. Her powers manifested for the first time when she kissed him. The experience left Rogue severely traumatized and Cody in a coma. Even though Cody never woke up, Rogue visited him once every year. Cody was killed by Bella Donna Boudreaux in order to exact revenge on Rogue for stealing Gambit from her.

  • During Rogue's time in the Savage Land, Magneto saved her life and the two became interested in each other. But after Magneto killed the priestess Zaladane, Rogue saw him for the man he truly was and ditched him.

    In the AoA reality, Rogue and Magneto are married and have a son, Charles.

    On earth 27, they are also married and have a son, Magnus.

  • Remy has been the main love interest of Rogue's throughout the years. They have had many ups and downs due to among other things Rogue's inability to touch and Remy's secretiveness about his past. The two were first able to experience a physical relationship after Vargas speared both of them with a blade almost killing them. They both emerged powerless from the ordeal. Unfortunately, Rogue's powers returned over time and their physical relationship went back to what it was. Some time later, thanks to Danger, Rogue is now able to control her powers and she and Gambit share a passionate kiss but she tells him she is not ready to jump into a physical relationship right away.

  • Joseph, the clone of Magneto, saved Rogue from the hands of an anti-mutant group. He then was permitted to join the X-Men and during that time fell in love with Rogue. Sadly for Joseph, after much indecisiveness, Rogue chose Gambit over him. He died saving the world.

  • Logan under the influence of Golgatha, revealed he had always had feelings for Rogue and he kissed her.

    In the X-Men movies, Rogue and Logan share a close relationship with undertones of romantic feelings.

  • Pulse was a comrade of Mystique. COnvinced that Gambit was not good enough for her daughter she joined the X-Men as Foxx and tried to discredit Gambit in hopes that Rogue would turn to Pulse instead. Pulse was able to negate Rogue's powers and touch her.

  • Bobby is Rogue's boyfriend in the Ultimate universe and she sleeps with him after absorbing Gambit's powers for a time. Previously he cheated on her with Kitty.

    In the X-Men movies, Bobby also becomes Rogue's boyfriend and when she sees his growing attraction to Kitty, she takes the cure in order to touch him.

  • In the Ultimate Universe, Rogue kisses Scott while taking the drug Banshee which allows her to control her powers. She does this not so much because she likes him but because as she put it, "Cause I can."

    In X-Men Evolution, Rogue develops a crush on Scott in the beginning of the series and detests Jean for being the one Scott wants.