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Iceman's Snowflakes

Love interests of Bobby Drake

List items

  • Bobby's girlfriend before his powers manifested

  • Iceman fell in love with Cloud when she was in female form but then Cloud fell in love with Moondragon and transformed to male form in order to be with her.

  • A former girlfriend of Bobby's

  • Had feelings for her but she chose Havok over him. When Havok left Lorna at the altar, Bobby confessed that he still had feelings for her and they began a relationship.

  • Had a fairly long-term relationship with her

  • Dated her briefly but she left him for Havok

  • Dated/slept with Mystique for a time before she backstabbed him and the rest of the X-Men

  • had a close "friendship" with her in the Mutant X 'verse

  • Dated in the Ultimate verse but broke up due to Rogue's feelings for Gambit and Bobby's feelings for Shadowcat. The pair reunites after Rogue returns to the Institute after Gambit's death. Rogue's acquisition of Remy's powers allowed her to touch Bobby and the two had sex.

  • Dated Kitty in the Ultimate verse after breaking up with Rogue. Kitty broke up with him after she found out he was still e-mailing Rogue.