Life of a Southern Belle: Rogue


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Real Name: Anna Marie Raven

AKA: Ace, Anna LeBeau, Anna-Marie Rankin, Carol Danvers, Dr. Adler, Dr. Kellogg, Irene Adler, Malicia, Marian, Marianne, Marie D’Ancanto, Miss Smith, Mrs. Lebeau, Ms. Marvel, Mutate #9602, Reaper, Thor, X7

First Appearance:   August 1981

Born: Caldecott County, Mississippi, United States

Former Occupations: terrorist, mechanic, waitress

Education: college level courses at Xavier’s, partial law degree

Foreign Languages:   French

Religion: Southern Baptist

Weight: 120

Height: 5’8

Parents: Owen, Priscilla, Mystique (adoptive mother), Destiny (adoptive mother)

Siblings: Nightcrawler (adopted), Graydon Creed (adoptive)

Lovers: Cody Robbins, Freddy, Magneto, Gambit, Joseph, Wolverine, Pulse
AU Lovers: Iceman, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Captain America

AU Kids:  Olivier (Gambit), Rebecca (Gambit), Charles (Magneto), Magnus (Magneto), Sarah (Captain America)

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Life of a Hairy Hobbit: Wolverine


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Real Name: James Maxwell Howlett 

AKA:  Agent Ten, Black Dragon, Brother Xavier, Canada, Canucklehead, Captain Canada, Captain Logan, Captain Terror, Colonel Logan, Corporal Logan, Death, Emilio Garra, Experiment X, Fang, Fist of Legend, Gaijin, Hand of God, Hooded Man, James Logan, Jimmy, Jim Logan , John Logan, Little Uncle, Logan, Lucky Jim, Mai'Keth, Mr. Logan, Mutant #9601,   Mutant Zero, Nighthowl, Patch, Patient X, Peter Richards, Professor Logan, Professor W, Project X, Runt, Shorty, Soft Logan, Ultimate Killing Machine, Weapon Chi, Weapon Ten, Weapon X, Wildboy, Wolvie 
First Appearance: November 1974
Born: Alberta, Canada
Previous Occupations:  instructor, bartender, bouncer, spy, government operative, mercenary, soldier, sailor, miner 
Education: privately tutored as a child
 Foreign Languages: Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Spanish, Arabic, Lakota, also some French, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Hindi and Persian 
Religion: raised Protestant, mostly atheist, has practiced Buddhism 
Weight: (w/o adamantium)195, (w/ adamantium)300
Height: 5’3

Parents: John Howlett , Elizabeth Howlett, Thomas Logan (biological father)
Siblings: John Howlett Jr., Dog Logan (half brother)

Lovers: Rose, Silver Fox, Itsu, Atsuko, Viper, Cassie Lathrop, Charlemagne, Phoenix, Mariko Yashida, Melita Garner, Rogue, Yukio, Gahck, Amir, Mystique, Storm, Domino, Seraph, Black Dragon, Ms. Marvel, Native, Snowbird, Tyger Tiger, Lynx, Typhoid Mary, Caley Blair,Pink Lady  
Alternate Reality Lovers: Susan Storm, Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy, Elektra, Red Sonja, Sara Pezzini, Gaea, Maureen Logan
Kids: Daken (Itsu), Erista (Gahck), Amiko Kobayashi (adopted), Laura Kinney (clone)
AU Kids: Rina/Wild Thing (Elektra), Hudson/Sabreclaw (Elektra), Kendall/ Torrent (Storm), Kirika (Mariko), Jimmy Hudson (unknown mother), Scotty (Maureen), Jade (Maureen), Brian Logan (Mariko), Mari Logan (Mariko), Robert Bruce Banner Jr. (adoptive)



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