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I am a HUGE Black Canary fan and I view Dinah Laurel Lance as the best version of Black Canary I am not a huge fan of what they have done with my favorite character. First of all I HATE the costume I guess it's more tactical looking but I'm a sucker for the fishnets jacket corset combo. I don't like what they did with her ex-husband and the government thing. I'm also a huge fan of the Dinah and Ollie relationship & I feel like with her being Dinah Drake that won't happen. Yes I think it is better to have her independent and a stronger solo character. But common she can still be plenty independent and strong even if she is in a relationship. She doesn't have to be the damsel in distress. The one thing I do like with this new 52 Dinah Drake is the way they are doing the canary cry, I prefer the metahuman, meta gene way but I love the aspect they are going with her having a hard time controlling it. I find it interesting when Heros and heroines have a hard time getting a grasp on their powers. Anyone agree?