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HOLEE SH*T!!!! (Secret Wars #4 Review) 2

This is the issue where a lot of unsuspected things happened and some revelations revealed. I'm not going to go through the whole story like I usually do since this was an issue I was supposed to review a long time ago but I am going to highlight the good stuff. I swear to god this issue really made me fall of my chair. Here's why:Thanos and Doom had a close encounterEveryone as in everyone would like to see them both try to beat the crap out of each other right? I would too. In this issue, we s...

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They're Alive!!!! (Secret Wars #3 Review) 12

Sheriff Strange discovers Miles Morales in the remains of the shaft in Utopolis. Miles shocked Stephen when he tells him that he can remember the world before battleworld. Together with the young Thor and Miles, they went to Agamotto Stephen's stronghold where he kept another raft he discovered. Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Star Lord, Captain Marvel, Thor (Jane Foster) and Black Panther appeared before Stephen and Miles. The survivors were confused until Stephen explained that Doctor Doom is a G...

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Wait so how many Thors are there again? (Secret Wars #2 Review) 22

I love Secret Wars alright but this is pretty much the most boring (but still significant of course) issue. Probably the Thors made it boring for me cause I'm not really a fan but, the awesome part is, they found a ship (we find out later on that it's Thanos'). While the Thors found a ship, there's a thing going on between Baron Sinister and Captain Britain. Captain Britain is exiled to The Deadlands. A place that is ran by zombies (Venom looking creatures) and Ultron drones (sounds pretty cre...

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Bow before God Doom whelp!! (Secret Wars #1 Review) 22

It's the end of the multiverse as we know it! Earth 616 and Earth 1610 are about to collide and the heroes from both Earths are fighting each other so they could save their sorry butts. There are only several minutes to spare before the two worlds collide! As the heroes and the others try everything to save their own Earths, Earth 616 and Earth 1610 collided. Everyone died in a matter of seconds and yes it include The Sentry you creepy fanboys. But luckily, Reed and others (Thing, Miles Morales...

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Starfire To the Rescue (Starfire #2 Review!!) 13

Okay so basically, there's a hurricane that's about to do some serious destruction and Starfire and Sheriff Gomez are trying to save as much people as they can. Sheriff Gomez's brother Sol will be trying to rescue a couple stranded on their boat in the middle of the hurricane. Do you think Starfire can save her? Of course she can. She's Starfire.Just like the last issue, this comic will want to make you read more because of Starfire's out of this world humor (gettit?). Also, there's thing big r...

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Starfire #1 22

Title: Starfire #1 Rating: TReview by: Rocketraccoonthingy In this brand new Starfire series, we'll be looking at how Starfire fits in with us here on Earth. She seeks help with the town's sheriff who kindly helped her with everything she needed. I instantly liked it because of the art and the dialogues. Good thing they didn't forget Starfire's funny non-human humour because, it's one of the most important elements on this comic. WIthout it, this comic would have been pretty boring. Right peep...

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Wolverine Max #1 (Warning Some Spoilers) 25

Rating: RWriter: Jason StarrPencilers: Connor Willumsen and Roland BoschiColorist: Dan BrownEditor: Jeanine SchaeferReview by: RocketRaccoonThingy Okay, before we start, I want to straight some things out. This series is Rated R. It has a lot of violence, language, nudity and sex. I know I wasn't supposed to read this series but what the hell?! I love Wolverine!I was pretty ashamed of myself when I saw the nudies (there is a nudie on page 2 or 3). I should have seen it coming because, this is fr...

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Rocket Raccoon Series (Spoiler Warning) 13

Rating: TNumber of issues: 11Writer: Skottie YoungArtist: Skottie Young and Filipe Andrade Review by: RocketRaccoonThingy Disclaimer: I know it said down below that I reviewed Rocket Raccoon Chasing Tales Part 1 but I will be reviewing the whole series. I didn't see any "Rocket Raccoon series" so, I had to choose that one. Enjoy!!! People here know that I am a big fan of Rocket Raccoon. I will be more glad to do a review of his current (not on-going anymore) series.Okay let's start with the thin...

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