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Titles I'm Currently Reading

I try to read as much on-going series as much as I can and these are on my priority list.

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List items

  • I really really like the Justice League New 52 and the art is amazing! I'm working my way up to the Darkseid War where Batman sits on Metron's chair! And I'll be making reviews for this after I finish Seret Wars.

  • One of my favorite on-going series.

  • Still waiting for the 4th issue.................

  • Just like JL New 52, the art and story is amazing!

  • Her costume here isn't as good as her previous ones but it's still worth reading.

  • I stopped reading 2 months ago but I decided to start reading again.

  • It's a great read if you're a GoTG fan. IF you're new, might as well start from here.

  • Didn't start yet but I'm excited to start reading it.