How I Imagine Other Viners

This might take a while to finish but, I'll tag you (for those who wants to be tagged) once it is done.

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  • quinnofthestoneage:

    She likes Harley Quinn so, what the heck? :P I put her on the top because, she's one of my closest friends here.

  • MsLola:

    Funny, smart and poised. Imma stop there cause I sound like I really really know her even though I don't. XD

  • TheAmazingWebhead:

    Smart butt, funny and a bit annoying. That's what my bro AWH is. ;-)

  • Deadpool_The_Merc_With_A_Mouth

    I was actually supposed to give this post to another user but, he rarely goes to CV Anymore.

  • Xwraith:

    He's actually a huge RR fan like me. Too bad I made a CV account. So, instead of giving him MY post, I gave him something similar. >:-D

  • Heatblaze123

    I don't know why but, he acts like Jonathan Storm sometimes. Annoying but, loyal and friendly. lol

  • TheAmazingSpidey

    One of my closest CV buddies. TAS isn't a smart butt or anything but, yeah. That's how I imagine him. Just add an aussie accent. ;-)


    Too bad for all you Rocket Raccoon fans here. This post is taken by ME.

  • TheDandyMan

    He's awesome and funny

  • Dboyrules2011

    I'm actually thinking he might be a secret mod or something

  • Hylian

    A loose cannon like me that could also be annoyingly serious.

  • Jhazzroucher:

    This dude told me his fiancee was Storm. So, I had to give it to him.

  • TheNaughtyTitan


  • MasterKungfu:

    He asked for it...........

  • Claymore1988

    Extremely nice and cheerful. ^_^

  • Godzilla44:

    He's worthy..........

  • Punyparker:

    I can't find any puny version of Pete so, I present to you Spider-Ham!

  • MadTitan:

    The maddest titan in Comic Vine!

  • Nox:

    He's dark... he's mysterious.. he's batman!

  • onsdskapt666

    Beware it's Constantine.

  • ccraft:

    He likes Raph since he was a kid so, he deserves this spot.

  • artyom

  • eyedcyou

    Don't get pissed at me for this bruh

  • Cloudguy

  • waezi2

  • @lifewithoutprogress

  • @spinnercomix