Fictional Characters I want to Meet

I've always wanted to make a list like this. Now, it is here!

List items

  • Well, what more can I say? He's my #1 favorite character.

  • I'm sure we'll have a good time. We're close to each other's ages, we have the same humor. Probably the only person in DC that could be my best pal.

  • Deadpool has a bad habit of killing people. Even those who help him. I'm sure he won't kill me because, I LOVE Chimichangas and we could go around the Marvel Universe pulling epic pranks on helpless characters.

  • He's my first favorite superhero so, i've been wanting to meet him since I was four. :-D

  • Who? He's my 2nd favorite Guardian so, I want to meet him. Probably blast some Skrulls on the way. ^_^

  • I'll be his Robin for a day.

  • Last human being I want to piss off.

  • Before meeting her, I should tell her not to read my mind. She might know I have a big crush on her.

  • Robbing Midtown comics with this chick sounds like a good idea!

  • Probably talk about WWII and freedom and stuff. Ya know 'murica.

  • Maybe he and Cable could take me on a tour in the future. Ask him why he killed Proffesor X too.

  • Eat out in a vegetarian restaurant in the city of love.....Paris!!

  • Get his DNA and inject it in my puny little body. Let's see who's fast now!

  • I would probably train with her. }:-D

  • I might go to a seminar about expanding your imagination with this dude. lol

  • Anyone wearing a red mask is awesome.

  • (description removed by the user)

  • He is Groot!

  • Maybe she could show me around the Vampire Kingdom or something.

  • Ask everything she knows about The Phoenix and why she's so pretty.

  • }:-D

  • Forget that I put him in this list. I'm afraid of him.

  • (With The Infinity Gauntlet)

    This dude is actually the last being I want to meet. If he won't kill me during the first few seconds of our meeting, I might ask him his plans.