Are Human Beings The Neediest Intelligent Life Form In The Universe?

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Here's why:

  • We need to eat at least two times a day.
  • We always need to drink water or else we'll die.
  • We need at least 7 hours of sleep or else we'll be prone to things like anemia.
  • We need to eat healthy food or else we'll become unhealthy.
  • Infants need to drink a sh*t ton of milk until they turn 3 or 4 years old.
  • We need good relationships to keep us from depression.
  • We need hobbies to keep us away from boredom.
  • Some of us need money in order to become happy.
  • We need to exercise our brain so our brain cells won't die.

This list doesn't even cover half the things we need. I'm just curious if we really are the neediest intelligent life form in the universe. I'm pretty sure other intelligent life forms in the universe aren't as needy as us. Tell me what you think......