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Introduction to The Community's Finest & The Vine!

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Comic Vine in my opinion has been lacking a sense of community and the "Community Spotlight" and "Community Showcase" used to bring members. As a moderator explained to me before, things had been harder and harder to run, giving them no choice but to drop Community Spotlight and Community showcase. Of course, I was discouraged big time and decided not to bother with it any further.

Well this was from two years back and recently, I felt like I should try to bring it back up again after Tony, the site's founder left. Some people felt like the site was dying. Considering we only have one staff member basically doing everything nowadays and I wasn't so surprised by their initial reaction. But for me though, this was the perfect opportunity to bring together users who are willing to write. So I made this blog and I surprisingly got more people to like the idea compared to the last time.

I want to give a short background on "The Community's finest". This is basically the new "Community Spotlight" which we'll be publishing fortnightly (my man, @major_hellstorm will be in charge of it) In fact, in a few seconds, you will be able to check out TCF's first issue.

"The Vine" on the other hand will publish a few articles per week. Reviews (comic books, movies and possibly episodes of comic book related series) Best Moments in Comics and Top 10 are the main topics we're going to be working on.

They will be written by the members of the Content Creators group. If you want to join, just PM me anytime and we'll discuss it.

Unfortunately, our articles will not be able to make it to the front page like how Community Showcase articles did. I really tried my best to have them up there but for now, our articles will be forum based only. Who knows though? Maybe in the future our articles will finally have a spot on the main page.

As for The Vine's publishing schedule, I will have to discuss it further with my peeps. I'll post it up as soon as possible.

That's it for now. Thanks a lot for reading! @major_hellstorm will be posting the first issue in a bit. :)

Stay classy peeps.



Bill Mantlo (Rocket Raccoon co-creator) returns home 25 years after hit and run accident.

While growing up during the '50s and '60s, Brooklyn-native Bill Mantlo was an avid comic book reader. So when his college friend got him a job at Marvel in 1974, working as a colorist, he was thrilled! His big break would come soon afterward when a writer missed their deadline. Editor Tony Isabella was in desperate need of a fill-in story for Deadly Hands of Kung Fu and that is when Mantlo leaped at the opportunity.

"Whipping up a tale on his lunch break, Isabella was pleased with the result, and Bill earned his first writer’s credit," Mike Mantlo, Bill's brother and legal guardian, recalled to THR. "The floodgates were opened, and would not soon be closed again. The writing assignments grew steadily, and Bill became known as the “fill-in king” at Marvel. His imagination and creativity flourished, and within a few short years he was churning out upwards of eight different titles every month."

By the mid-'80s, Mantlo was becoming discouraged with the the way the industry treated its creators -- not allowing them to take ownership of their creations -- and how he was overlooked for plum assignments. So, wanting to be a real-life superhero, Mantlo made a career change.

"Bill decided to enroll in law school and pursue a career that “meant something.” He attended night school at Brooklyn Law, and earned his degree in 1987," Mike said. "After a few half-hearted stints at established law firms, he found his niche at the Legal Aid Society in the Bronx. Bill immersed himself in defending the defenseless, and earned a rapid reputation as a thorn in the side of the Bronx prosecutorial staff."

In the summer of 1992, while going through a bitter divorce, Bill's life was forever altered. While rollerblading, just four blocks from his apartment in Upper Manhattan, he was struck by a car. "His head smashed into the windshield, and when thrown off the other side, his head hit the pavement as the driver sped away," Mike explained. "Rushed to the emergency room of St. Luke's Hospital, he was in a coma, and diagnosed with a closed head traumatic brain injury. The prognosis was bleak, and proved to be as devastating as all of us feared it might be. Despite a few false glimmers of hope during his first three years post-injury, Bill has never recovered the cognitive skills that were stolen from him."

According to Quartz: "[Bill] moved through a series of rehabilitation facilities in five states, and was seen by a number of specialists, but after several years with little progress, he was admitted to the Queens Nassau rehabilitation center in 1995, where he has been ever since." Quartz adds: "He’s able to walk, Mike explains, but he’s unwilling to, and so over the decades his leg muscles have atrophied. There’s no television or radio—Bill finds them distressing—and he takes his meals in bed. When offered opportunities by attendants to leave his room or venture outside, he resists."

However, there is some happy news. Because Marvel wanted to use Rocket, a character Bill and artist Keith Giffen created in 1976, in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio "agreed to a very nice compensation package for the rights" to use the genetically-altered, cybernetically-enhanced talking raccoon. Based on the money that he has received from that deal, according to Mike, "[Bill] will now be able to leave the institution he’s lived in since 1995, and have in-home the care he needs for the rest of his life."

And like they did with the first film, Marvel will be screening Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this Saturday for Bill. "He is very much looking forward to that," Mike shared. "I am working feverishly to cut through all the bureaucratic red tape involved in getting Bill released from the nursing home, and into the new house that I’ve had built for him right next door to the house my wife and I live in."


My 12 Favorite Bands of All Time!

I've promised several peeps from the Music Buff PM that I'd make this blog. That was like two years ago and the PM is dead. Hopefully I could make it up to those guys by doing this right now! Anyhoo, these are my top 10 bands, no specific order nor specific genre. If you have spare time, you should check them out. ^_^

1. Dinosaur Jr

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  • Genres: Alternative Rock, Noise Rock and Indie Rock.
  • Favorite albums: I Bet On Sky; Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not; Farm and Beyond.
  • Why I like 'em: Feel good; insane guitar solos and catchy guitar solos; lyrics; amazing bass and drum lines and mellow singing + crazy instrumental combo; stays true to their music while at the same time explores different types of sound and last but not the least, the energy.

2. The Shins

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  • Genres: Indie Rock; Dream Pop; Folk Rock and Alternative Rock
  • Favorite Albums: Oh, Inverted World; Wincing the Night Away and Port of Morrow.
  • Why I like 'em: Great instrumentals; James Mercer's voice is soothing and comforting in a way; gives you an inspiring feeling whenever you listen to them; explores different types of sound and lastly great lyrics.

3. Angels and Airwaves

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4. Foo Fighters

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  • Genres: Post-Grunge; Alternative Rock and Hard Rock.
  • Favorite Albums: The Colour and The Shape; Foo Fighters and Wasting Light.
  • Why I like 'em: This is one of those bands that have become a part of me. My dad is a huge Foo Fighters listener so I've pretty much been listening to these suckers all my life. I guess it's self explanatory.

5. Metallica

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6. Misfits

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  • Genres: Horror Punk; Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk.
  • Favorite Albums: Famous Monsters; American Psycho; Project 1950 and Static Age.
  • Why I like them: Horror inspired theme and lyrics (I love classic horror movies; catchy rhythm; Michale Grave's voice; guitar riffs and last but not the least, listening to them gives you a bloodrush.

7. Blink-182

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8. The Ramones

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  • Genres: Surf Rock and Punk Rock.
  • Favorite Albums: Animal Boy and Ramones.
  • Why I like them: Do I seriously have to explain? I don't think so. :P

9. The Offspring

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10. Death Cab For Cutie

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  • Genres: Indie Rock and Alternative Rock.
  • Favorite Album: Transatlanticism
  • Why I like them: I haven't listened to their other albums much but Transatlanticism definitely puts you in a happy/super relaxed state. I just find it completely amazing...

11. OK Go

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  • Genres: Alternative Rock; Power Pop and Pop Rock.
  • Favorite Albums: None. I never listened to them by album. I probably should.
  • Why I like them: Creative music videos; funky instrumentals and never fails to make you feel good.

12. Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • Genres: Funk Rock; Funk Metal; Rap Rock and Alternative Rock.
  • Favorite Albums: Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Greatest Hits
  • Why I love them: Different sound over the years, same soul and John Frusciante. Nuff said.

Peace out.



Holiday Playlist!!!

On Melancholy Hill

I honestly wouldn't mind if this song would play endlessly the whole day. I just like it that much.

The New Year

This song nails how I feel during New Year. "So this is the New Year, I don't feel any different".

Over it

After a year of planning of skating again, I might actually be able to do it around January. This song gives me the urge to skate for some reason (and no, not talking about the video) It also gives me a feel good vibe despite the fact that this song talks about keeping your chin up and basically saying "You know what? Screw it". Don't know if you'd get the same feel but give the song a go.

I Won't Let You Down

OK Go's music never fails to put a smile on my face. Deffo New Year material.

The Gift

Feeling down? We got you fam.

Can't Stop

It's a Red Hot Chili Pepper song. Nuff said.

Pompeii/Waiting All Night

This is truly an under rated on stage collaboration by Bastille and Rudimental. I have to say this was the best performance in the Brit Awards 2014.

Scar Tissue

Again, nuff said.

Skinny Love

A friend of mine made me listen to this early this year. Since then this song reminds me of

Happy Holidays, You Bastard always makes me laugh my ass off. I don't think it would be a good idea to play this song with anyone around though.



Rocket's Song of the Day #5

Here's my song of the day! I decided to post one after I realized how pointless my last two blogs were. Since this is the kind of stuff I usually write about, I guess I should stick to it from now on.

I have been listening to a lot of stuff from the nineties lately and some of the songs I listened to were from Soundgarden. This one really caught my attention because of it's unique mellow rock tune and of course the very weird (but cool) music video. This has been on my current playlist for almost a week now. I should probably move on to another song of theirs.

Do you have a song recommendation? Post it down below!

~Cheers, Rocketraccoonthingy


Things I Hate About Myself & What Are Yours?

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1. I over think

I have been like this for as long as I can remember. There are things (whether it be important or not so important) that I can't just keep out of my head. I just itch to analyze something to death and then just give up when I don't have the answer to my question or when I can't make up something that makes sense. I personally think this is where my anxiety comes from.

This list basically gives you a good look at someone who's an over-thinker:

2. I don't have a full control of my tone and facial expression

This has been noticed by my parents especially when someone's teasing me (girls....). I feel like I'm just chill but what my parents notice is that my tone starts to sound rude and I look like I want to bite someone's head off. This has happened twice to me this week. It's weird.

3. I can be peevish

OCD+ Over thinking = Yeah ^^^

Now that I got this shit out, what are the things you hate about yourself?


Thoughts on Mary Jane's Casting

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So earlier, it was revealed that Zendaya would act as Mary Jane. I thought it was some sort of a joke until, I found out that it wasn't a nasty joke after all. I personally consider this as a bad choice. Now I have nothing against Zendaya personally but this has to be one of the most ridiculous CBM casting ever made. Call me a purist, a square or whatever but I like my CBMs accurate to the comic books. I may sound like I'm raging but this is the third batch of Spider-Man films! They HAVE to get it right. I don't want them starting over again just like what they did to TASM. I guess I should consider, "Would this choice ruin the entire movie?". It actually might considering this whole movie wouldn't be just about fighting crime. It would also be about Peter and his normal life and what does that tell us? We'd be seeing a hella lot of "Mary Jane" here. As much as it feels like an a$$ saying this but I'm really looking forward to this film and hopefully a silly casting choice wouldn't ruin it.

Now, I wouldn't want to be thought of as a racist comic book fan. I wasn't bothered (at all) with the casting of Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. Why? Because it was a viable casting choice! We get to see Kingpin as sort of a different character without straying too far from the comic book character. In this case, I'm feeling that they would be killing Mary Jane's character with this casting.

Let's take a look at this at a different angle. Is she a good actress? I can remember seeing bits of her show with Bella Thorne on Disney, years before. I feel like an @ss saying this but I am not that confident with her acting. A few roles in teenie boppers are cute but I guess her role here would be well, a bit mature. Although her acting isn't my concern let's all hope her casting wasn't a mistake.

Do you find this choice good, bad or complete chicken crap? Tell me in the comment section below.

Before going turning to your keyboard warrior side, do take note that this is my opinion and views about the topic and that they should not be something or part of a general opinion. I am not spreading hate, just here posting my thoughts....... As usual.