Top 10 Comic Book Womens I'd Have Coffee With

Y'know, if they were real and not products of other people's imaginations.

List items

  • Nice Jewish girl who likes computers and Cats Laughing... we're both educators... I bet, though, she prefers tea to coffee.

  • The revolution would be best planned over cups of java.

  • Foxglove is very gay, but that's okay; my use of coffee is not a metaphor for anything but sharing conversation over hot, nonalcoholic drinks. The characters on this list are genuinely interesting, her especially.

  • Gary Reed and Guy Davis' Baker Street series rocked my world. I very much want to sit down for words with Sharon. I'd even try to make my mother's mushroom pie to eat with the coffee.

  • This butch, bad ass Grendel would be quiet company, and probably have little in the way to say to me--though she might perk up if Foxglove were also present, dig?--but I love the hell out of this character, and you know the old cliche: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • "Creamer BAD!" Whatever. More for me then, love.

  • Since Wanda has been the scapegoat for all that fanboys complain about in the Marvel Universe for many years, I feel like she deserves to have quiet conversation without having to pay for coffee. Oh, and I can ask her the question that I've been wondering about for years: could the Vision alter his density, um, "downstairs" for a more pleasurable bedroom experience, or was it just like having a big red "neck massager" without the worry of burning out the motor and going through batteries like there's no tomorrow?

  • "Okay. Here's your cappuccino. Now explain to me the parts of The Maxx I don't understand. Also, isn't a social worker dressing like a hooker flirting with danger?"

  • Corsets and coffee: the breakfast of champions.

  • I have no idea how this would go, but I also like to flirt with danger.