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My Favorite Dark Horse Comics from the 1990s

The title pretty much says it all. I was 16 in 1990, and so through my late adolescence and early 20s, these were the comics that secured a place for Dark Horse in my heart. Enjoy.

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  • The cover of the first issue had me with Aliens vs. ninjas, but the story therein proved to be just as compelling as the cover concept.

  • The John Bolton covers initially attracted me to this series, and I was further intrigued seeing that Chris Claremont (X-Men) wrote it. Jackson Guice's interiors are also fantastic.

  • To my recollection, this four-issue limited series was Dark Horse's first use of Badger outside of crossovers. I love this character, and hope some exciting creative team picks him up in the near future.

  • Reprints of Al Williamson's Star Wars comic strips, with gorgeous covers, I'm ill-prepared to recall more beautifully illustrated Star Wars art.

  • A one-shot written and illustrated by John Byrne. Hey, kids! Nudity! Ahem! Anyway, this story was excellent science fiction, and a nice distraction from the Next Men and some of his other Dark Horse projects that I really didn't care for.

  • I'll admit that my interest wandered a bit after Adam Hughes stopped doing the interiors for this series, but Ghost was one of the more compelling super-hero books to come out of Dark Horse, and I am glad that she is being revisited today.

  • Art Adams + Godzilla= F*** yeah!

  • This two-issue limited series and its four-issue sequel, Devil's Choices, were the comics that convinced teenaged-me that Dark Horse was just as adept--perhaps better--at presenting good stories as Marvel or DC.

  • I haven't read Warchild yet, but this three-issue limited sold me on Sarah. Also, the cityscape is as effective at creating a window for this storyworld as the characters do.

  • Herein lie more characters I think have been underused in comicdom. Sadly, I couldn't even name other books either writer Paul Guinan or artist Anina Bennett have worked on, and this is sad because both show a lot of talent in this continuation of a Dark Horse Presents story.

  • What a gateway to other weirdo interests of mine this proved to be. I think Mike Mignola and I should have long conversations over a warm pint sitting in a quiet pub. Yes. That needs to happen someday...

  • I think I picked this up after reading an article about it in the late and unlamented Wizard: The Guide to Comics, but Mike Allred's art and the story was so zany and fun, I couldn't stop raving about the book to my friends.

  • MORE. Please?

  • Pretty please??

  • With respect to DC, Dynamite, and Marvel, this is how a Tarzan comic should be done.