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Happy Hunger Games

Stories that either predate or have been inspired by Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy. Please feel free to suggest/point out others.

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  • I resisted reading The Hunger Games because I thought it was an American rip-off of this manga and the live-action movies it inspired. While there are certainly a boatload of similarities, I believe that there are enough differences to enjoy both on their own merits.

  • The Beyonder's edict: "Slay all your enemies and all you desire shall be yours." Dr. Doom succeeds, but he gets jack and sh*t for his efforts: Reed Richards survives anyway, mum's soul still trapped in Mephisto's realm, and the world isn't his to rule...yet. Boo, the Beyonder! Boo!

  • The cover of the first issue and the logo were inspired by the Battle Royale poster, and Arcade says that his idea to pit the teenage heroes against one another was something he got from a book. Heh.

  • The Viper/Madame Hydra hosts a tournament on Madripoor pitting villain against villain, with the occasional anti-hero like Wolverine and the Puma. Gamecock and Forearm of the Mutant Liberation Front, at the least, both appear to die in this tournament.