This is what I'm currently into/reading/have sitting around waiting for me to pluck it up/current weekly pull list-ers/ etc.

March 08 2012

Fatale, Hell Yeah, Manhattan projects

TMNT - Infestation 2 (tie in)

Amazing Spider-Man, Age Of Apocalypse, Defenders, Uncanny- X-men, Venom, Ult Spider-man, Winter Soldier, Wolv 302, Wolverine & The X-men, and X-Club.

Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Batwing, Night Force, and Animal Man.

Also got myself into The Damned, I'm hooked on The 6th Gun too at the moment. And over the last few weeks I've been reading Invincible from issue #1. Can't believe I ever turned that one down.

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