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An average witcher story. 0

Before you read, keep in mind that my star rating system, 3 stars is a worth reading comic, so 2 stars isn't that bat. Also keep in mind that some people really loves the book, so feel free to disagree with me.Well, first of all, I'm a big witcher fan; I've read the books and played all the games.I saw this comicbook on sale and I've never read them, so it was an obivous choice to get it. I thought I would love this as I love the world of The witcher but all i got was dissapointment. First of a...

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A really funny noir parody. 0

This Madrox volume serves as a prequel to the famous x-factor by Peter David. Although isn't that important to read this, It explains the dupe problem that madrox is having and the founding of the X-Factor. Aside fom a "pre-reading" thing, the volume itself is really good. As madrox says frequently, it's a film noir parody with a very nice humor style. I rarely pick myself laughing while reading a comic book, but this is an exception; Its really funny and bizarre at the same time. The pl...

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A great nonsense fight 0

If you are going to read this as a tie-in to world war hulk, there's nothing worth here. The only good thing is the art, because besides the fight -- that only happens in the last issue --, there is only one panel within the world war hulk storyline. I only recommend reading this if you want to see ghost rider fighting for no reason at all for a few panels....

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Hulk vs the X-men 0

IT was a nice fight although the x-men motivation to fight isn't a good one. The art is good and most of the x-men characters are here to fight hulk. The conclusion was great, It was what i was expecting. On top of that, i didn't like what they did with Juggernaut, he was almost useless and paid a big price for it....

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