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Storm and Wonder Woman... Who Hates Them Both?

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Some people hate one and love the other. Some people love one and hate  the other. Some people just love both of them. But,,,,,
I haven't heard somebody who don't like them both. And i really mean people who hate both of them and prefer other female comic characters.
Through this topic, we will be able to know why people hate both of them. If there is one.",)

So Is there one? Or does the world revolve around the two of them only?

Who Are Your Top 3 Favorite X-Men Characters???

      The Uncanny X-Men have become a very, very popular team especially during the 90's era when "Uncanny X-Men: the animated series" was released. Some people here are Image fans, DC fans or anybody else's fans. But i believe that despite of that fact, each one of us has a favorite x-men character. So who are your top 3 favorite x-men characters ( in chronological order )? And why?
You can pick characters from any x-teams, as well as villains.
I would appreciate it if you would explain why they are your favorite characters.

I'll start.",) 

 Ororo Munroe
 Ororo Munroe
1. Storm - Her name is Ororo Munroe. The first time I've seen her ( in the Uncanny X-Men: the animated series ), I thought her powers were amazing and could do a lot of stuff like summon lightning, wind, ice, etc. She also looks very interesting and i mean physically, like the white hair and when her eyes turn white, truly a unique character I wouldn't forget. She also has a very interesting background as a girl, left alone by a tragic accident killing her parents, becoming a very, very skilled thief, until she was invited Professor X to join the X-Men. Storm is the most amazing woman I have ever met.

2. Apocalypse - Only the strongest survives, or something similar to that is what Apocalypse believes in. He has cool powers like shape shifting skills in a molecular level, turning into somebody else, changing his density and increasing or decreasing his size and strength. Apocalypse is also a unique character. He has an A on his belt and he's got blue lips. A powerful mutant ( or should I say External ) who wants world domination, Apocalypse is awesome.  


3. Hollow - Penance was her name as a member of Generation X, and was changed to Hollow, who has recently appeared in The Loners comics . Her real name is... Was it two persons combined into one? Is she Monet or is she someone else? Is her powers magic or is she a mutant? Is it both? Now I'm confused. But despite of that, she has captured my heart. She's just so different that I wanna know her more, and the more I get to know more about her, the more questions that i have in mind about her. Simple, but I like her costume, as if wrapped by long and short belts, just fits well with her red skin. She's red, diamond-hard, sharp and she managed to take off Juggernaut's helmet. Hollow is the most complicated character ever.

Ask Me Or rbysjti

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I'm still looking for a cool image for my avatar.  So for now, I'll just stick with the Wolverine-Storm image.

Let me first tell everybody that I'm a guy.",)
Feel free to ask questions and i will provide answers