Movie Comic Books, Not Comic Book Movies

I realize Tank Girl and Sheena both originated from comic book characters, but the movies seemed so far removed from reality? Sense? that it seemed appropriate to include them here. This list is strictly adaptations of movies, not television, and not original stories using licensed characters. I intentionally omitted Star Wars, Star Trek, the Indiana Jones movies, Aliens, Predator, Godzilla, and Serenity, because those movies franchises still capture reader imaginations today. These are the oddballs, generally forgotten by fandom.

Also worth noting is the SLC Punk comic, which, sadly is not in the CV archives. Yet. Composing this list also made me long for some movies to be adapted into comics. I'd love to read a The City of Lost Children adaptation with a Tim Bradstreet cover and Guy Davis interiors, or to see a lot of Shaw Brothers' kung fu movies translated to the printed page. If wishes were fishes...

Feel free to suggest anything I've omitted.

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