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Set Plunder Rays to Fun! 0

First the bad... Hmm. Okay, okay. I'm out. I am usually not a huge fan of Greg Land's computer-drafted art style, but it seems like this issue contained more of his genuine pencils as that there were a lot of people in masks and the unparalleled likeness of Thanos. Al Ewing is no J.R., but his writing this time around struck gold, not oil (see what I did there? Dallas, anyone?). Now, here are some things I'd like to point out that don't usually get addressed in reviews... Colorist Frank D'Armata...

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Vampires Who Could Maybe, Possibly Party with Cassidy 2

Twilight and the bored housewife school of vampire erotica that the Syfy Book Club peddles burnt me out on vampires. One stereotype after another... Guh. And then they crept into comics. Dammit! As an old school Tomb of Dracula fan, I took a chance on Blood Brothers. I read that something about opium and orgies, and I was sold. However, this exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.Using another visual medium to give you some idea of what this comic is like, the dynamic between Nick and Tre...

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Worth adding to your comic diet 1

Being a cibopath for the FDA is not on my list of fanboy dreams. For one, I'd never be able to enjoy a plate of cashew chicken again, and in Springfield, MO where I live, that's sinful. For additional consideration, there's the fact that Tony Chu-the protagonist in this book-has to fire his girlfriend or lose his job, take sh** from a pencil-pushing facist named Mike Applebee, and resort to the occasional act of cannibalism and animal corpse desecration in order to do his job well.The art isn't...

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For good karma, pick up this book 3

This fall, I have to complete two degree papers, take comprehensive exams including an oral component, and finish regular coursework on top of working, applying for a more secure teaching gig, writing comics, and feeding a dog. Thank you, Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, for this distraction from a total mental meltdown. This volume could be described as a trade paperback, as it collects the original stories published in Revolver 1-6 from the same creative team that did Strange Days for Ecl...

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Doomed Maidens 0

Marvel's female following love this all-female non-X book, and this storyline is the reason why. I don't get it. I love the covers, and the interior art is okay, but Cullen Bunn's writing is hardly empowering for women, and the use of all-too familiar archetypes makes the direction of the story fairly predictable. The one big shock was the death of one of the title's major supporting cast, but the presence of Valkyries ensures that we have not seen the last of that character. There. There's my n...

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The Old 'Un 1

My summer reading list was beaten up and left for dead on the curb outside of my spacious Midwestern home, but while doing some belated spring cleaning, what should I chance upon but this trade collecting the first three issues of Transmetropolitan. You might be curious why I am reviewing the trade and not the individual issues, but they all fall in the first storyline, so instead of forcing my rare follower to read reviews for each individual issue for contextual clues referring to the previous...

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And you thought Boba Fett was bad-ass... 0

Thus far, The Will, along with trustee sidekick, Lying Cat (tied with Pizza Dog for the position of my favorite comic book character), have been hired by The Narrative to kill Marko, who deserted his post as one of their foot soldiers, and Alana, for whom he betrayed them, and to bring back Hazel, Marko and Alana's daughter, alive and unharmed. Unfortunately, the Coalition Forces of Landfall have similar designs, and in the course of pursuing the fugitive parents, Prince Robot IV runs afoul of T...

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...And Business is Good 1

I have four dogs in my household: a boxer, a toy fox terrier, a Japanese chin, and a half Bichon Frisé, half Lhasa apso. They are truly omnivores, eating socks, underwear, and action figures in addition to any unguarded human food. I love them all, but I wish they were more like Pizza Dog."Arrow," a.k.a. Pizza Dog made his debut in Hawkeye #1 - Lucky, and has since grown on me and most of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. This issue illustrates why perfectly. Jack London was the coolest, animal...

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Daniel Bryan says it best: "Yes! Yes! YES!" 2

#I've decided that my favorite Hawkeye stories are the ones in which he is not an Avenger; The Avengers #189 - Wings And Arrows!, the original Hawkeye limited series, and now this amazing series, which brings indie sensibilities to a mainstream title. The direction of this first issue boldly stepped outside of the formula of most successful series first issues. There were no guest-stars to help boost the sales of this book, nor were there any teasers at the end of the story to springboard forthc...

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