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Full Name: Desiderina Seres-Lockheart

Parents: Madelyne Seres (Lady Redhead) and Christopher Lockheart (Final Arrow


Immortality, Master of Shadow and blood magic, Superhuman strength, speed and agility, teleportation and dimension travel, flight, Regeneration and healing powers, demon control, shadow control, soul collector, ruler of Hell

Book of Souls: World within the book sucks in humans and puts them through trials to prove their worth, those that fail their souls are taken to Hell.

Sword of Souls: She is able to draw the Sword of Souls from her hat, also given to her by her father, it is able to cut through any object

The Hat: Given as a gift from her father the hat possesses powerful otherworldly magic

Weaknesses: Mind control, Powers stronger than hers, Mentally unstable.