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Get yer duff in here, Summers... been too long!

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'The leaves are falling all around, time I was on my way,

thanks to you I'm much obliged, for such a pleasant stay..

But now it's time for me to go, but autumn moon lights my way,

For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it's headin my way..."

God bless Robert Plant, y'know? Cause there something about a good Led Zeppelin tune that seems almost prophetic, Chris thought to himself. The trip had taken him a bit longer than he had expected it too. Mainly because he's discovered over the last ten years or so airspaces got a bit more conveniently tight. That's what I get for cutting across Russia. Should have just flown across the States, and taken the Atlantic route but nooo, you just had to avoid the Big Apple, didn't ya?

"No use in crying about it now..." -That's what YOU say bunkie, but you're the one had to sit and regen... dig a bullet or two - literally - out of your ass. Newsflash: rounds fired from a MiG HURT BAD.- He literally had to laugh at that. Sometimes he missed these conversations with his more internal self. Sometimes the kept him honest, or on the worst side of plotting someone's impending death. Either way, it was always there with him. -You -bleep with me, you stuck with me, I ain't leavin you for shite, pally.- There's something to be said for loyalty.

But there it was at last, just ahead. Stonehenge. Legend always had it it was a magical place... probably even more magical than Tahiti. And Tahiti was indeed a magical place. Thank you for that lovely bit of wisdom, Agent Coulson. And by the looks of things there was quite a gathering going on. Looks like he wasn't the only one who'd gotten they mystery summons. He'd elected not to the traditional hero landing, you know, slam to the ground, excessive display of power. Nope, he'd actually put down 300 feet out and hump it the rest of the way in. You know... play it cool, like he's out walking amongst the daisies, even though he's expecting a minefield. Taking a moment to fish inside the - admittedly holed - leather jacket. Please tell me my sokes are still there......jackpot!

Taking that's second to light up the square, take a - one would say unhealthy - drag, while leaning against one of the stones. It's probably disrespectful. More disrespectful is likely the point when he'll finally stub out the butt against the same stone. There were faces here he remembered for sure. The most prominent of them Darkchild. Just can't keep a bad guy down, no matter how hard you tried. Some things never changed. Kurrent...... There's that uneasy feeling still at the back of head... something that's gnawing there, but isn't fully out of the backbrain. Something he should know but doesn't remember.

"Alright, the dog and pony show's rolled into town. The thing I'd like to know is why."

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Excellent start all... is good to be back!

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And I'm up!

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San Diego, California. Now.

There's a certain joy and pleasure to be had simply turning a wrench, you know? And that's what Christopher Angelys had been doing, turning a wrench, beneath the open engine manifold of the old Cessna 172 Skyhawk. And it's no guilty pleasure either. For once in his life he's doing something that didn't involve shooting people, rescuing people, or even - dare he say it - pushing coffee and donuts across a counter. The last thought would have made him truly chuckle. Could he have truly been happy with such an existance? Was it the way he truly could have seen the rest of his life going?

"Guess we'll never know, now will we." Truth to tell, he doesn't even know why the thought of the Nine Lives - of Lexi herself - popped so suddenly front and center into his head. Neither had, in years. He'd been too busy. Everything he'd had had been poured into this. Angel's Aerie Flight School.... Both here and back East. Though back East....was again one of those things he found he left behind. Too many memories....memories that if he thought much further back on them, would threaten to start pouring in again, and the good mood he'd been in for the better part of the day would be absolutely shot. However - chances were that was likely to happen anyway, and in a very short amount of time...

For that's when that little ball of light... probably no bigger than a snow globe that you could have found anywhere, floated it's way into the hangar he was working in It's not dark in there at all, but the little thing had its way of brightening the internal space of the place even more than it was. Every wall as it sought out the person for whom it was meant... him. And for the first time in years, there's that niggling itch... an itch that almost felt like a burn in the palm pf his hand. The Star Brand.....lit. And he's all to aware of it now. Aware of it and not quite happy, because whenever that happened, nothing good came out of it. The hand that held the Brand clutched, and it's right about then that he saw the globe. Simply hanging in the air, give or take a foot higher than head and at arms reach. Coruscating from color to color....and for a hot second he's having the thought of a bit from the original Tron movie.

"Please tell me I don't have another mouth to feed." It's classic him of course, sarcasm and rather congenial humor, as he's staring at the thing. The hell was it, and what was it doing here? The thing moved closer, and the automatic impulse would have been to take a step back from it. It's what any person with a lick of sense - or sanity - in their heads would have done. But whoever said Chris was sensible - or sane? Because the hand reached out, the thing fit perfectly into the palm of his hand....'s not exactly pain, but it IS something like a direct line up his arm straight to the backbrain. A voice....a face. Arrow? Yep, the voice and the face was unmistakable. And both held a directive. -Come to Stonehenge. We must prepare.- Prepare? For what? I'm so out of the game. At least that's the thought coming from that previously doubted 'sensible' part of the brain. But he'd be damned if he wasn't curious. And for about a good five minutes that wrench is doing a steady turn finger over finger, as if he were aiming to come to a decision. When the truth was his mind was already made up. -You know you're going to regret this, right?- That still sarcastic chuckle. "When don't I? Though I'll find out when I get where I'm going."

He knew he didn't need to, but it's a short drive away from the school, back to his house. Probably shouldn't even bother to pack up a few things, but you never really knew what you were going to need when you got there. And besides, if where he was going was something that would lead him into a pile of crap, he'd rather have his trusty sidearms with him. Never thought to have to use them again, but better safe than sorry.... from's a simple take to the air. He'd even kept himself from using the Brand if it weren't absolutely necessary. But like anything, it's like getting back on the bike. Did you ever really forget how? LEtting the brain take him in the right direction, it's not like he'd never made this sort of flight before.

Stonehenge, here we come. This had BETTER be good.

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You kidding, this gonna be some Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs type -bleep-!

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Angelys, Christopher Hayden

aka: ChrisAngel, Red Angel, Archer Three (as known in CAT-Black Arrow0

Former student at the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, but no X-man, graduated to find his way amongst the world, eventually came to become a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. where his original powerset (teleporter/chameleon/telepath (the second of which still remains) served him well when he was seconded to the all-mutant covert actions team Black Arrow. Nice things weren't done. People got dead. Very dead. In hopes to get away from that part of his past, he eventually reunited with an old friend and eventually settled down into life as a co-partner of a small coffee shop in downtown New York. During this time he'd be convinced to take what he'd learned from the Institute and become a hero of sorts, signing onto the team that took their name as the Zero Squad.

Somewhere during the course of that time, the powerset evolved... or more large parts of it were burned out of him. Chris found it a rather interesting tradeoff. The loss of the ability to teleport and the chameleon's skill... for the acquisition of something new and just as useful: The Star Brand. However the life of a partner and businessman

wouldn't last too long. Differences rose, the girl got married, the friendship ran its course.. and the man found himself falling back into old patterns. Mercenary work. Paid the bills, kept a roof over his head. And he realized that he was still GOOD at it. Probably one of the only real things he felt he was truly good at: the art of war.

Eventually word trickled down, and Chris would find himself joining another elite unit: The Wolf Pack. Tight unit, good people, people who watched his back and he watched theirs. It lasted long enough, the Team did good work. Time came eventually when the man decided it was time to hang up the guns. Just maybe he'd done enough for the world where he could finally settle enough to live himself a real life. life of his choosing.

So we're... now. Years later. Living that life he chose to make for himself. Owner of a rather respectable flight training school with sites on either coast, but these days choosing to spend most of his time on the Pacific coastline... of course under an assumed name. Though those who know him well enough, old friends, old associates.. maybe even old enemies. Might not find it hard to find him.

Powers and Abilities:

The Star Brand: Endows its possessor with far above normal strength, limited invulnerability (if injured terribly enough, he CAN be killed) flight, and matter/energy manipulation. The Brand appears as a star-within-a-crescent moon marking that can be manipulated to rest upon any place on the wielder's body.

Telepathy: Angelys is a medium to high level telepath, giving him the ability to access ones thoughts and with intense concentration, perhaps even control said mind on certain occasions: Mental control proves to be quite draining however, and limited to small stretches of time.

Weapons Proficiency: Angelys is a highly trained former operative of the United States Military and also has served time with several mercenary outfits. It has granted him extensive knowledge of a variety of both NATO and Warsaw Pact weaponry and vehicles.

Accomplished Pilot/Intelligence Gatherer: During his times as military adjunct and mercenary, Angelys gained the skill to pilot various types of aircraft, from small turboprop plane, attack fightercraft... in a pinch and enough time to learn the possibility exists to pilot military transport planes. Quick study of people and frames of mind which allows for ready assimilation of information and actionable intelligence. (attributed largely to telepathic ability)

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*just has to...cranks up Chelsea Dagger one more time*

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Personally I dig Cap looking a bit more militaristic. He's a military man for christ's sake. Let him look the part.

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That. Was, SWEET!