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286780 DCeased: A Good Day To Die #1 Issue 09/21/19 12:59PM 6 approved
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283359 King Tut Character Added headers and replaced image that was disrupting text 09/14/19 09:58AM 1 approved
283355 Aquadog Character This is merely speculation and has never been confirmed by anyone involved with the movie. 09/14/19 06:59AM 15 approved
283354 Aquaman Movie Neither Aquadog nor the Dead King appear in the film (There is a statue resembling the Dead King but this is just an easter egg and has not been confirmed by anyone involved with the film) 09/14/19 06:56AM 4 approved
282627 Stan Lee Character Moved images to the right, captioned one 09/13/19 04:19PM 1 approved
278914 Frog-Man Character Removed image as it is of the character's father, the origin sections mentions him but the inclusion of the image could lead to confusion between the two, 09/08/19 10:04AM 2 approved
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278830 Stop Me Before I Kill Batman Issue 09/08/19 04:29AM 2 approved
278829 The Wringer Character 09/08/19 04:22AM 43 approved
278403 The Dark Knight Rises Movie The character is never named in the film or credits and appears in the actor's filmography as "Warlord's daughter" 09/07/19 04:42PM 2 approved
278402 Batman Begins Movie Sensei does not appear in Batman begins, IMDB and the film's credits list the character as "Ra's al Ghul" and the actor's filmography calls the character "Ra's al Ghul decoy" - its just fan speculation that this character is Sensei. 09/07/19 04:34PM 2 approved
278400 Sensei Character Sensei doesn't appear in Batman Begins, just a character that has a slightly similar appearance. IMDB and film's credits lists the character as "Ra's Al Ghul" and the actor's filmography calls him "Ra's Al Ghul decoy" there has been no evidence to suggest these characters are one and the same, it's just fan speculation. 09/07/19 04:32PM 79 approved
278392 Fly-Man Character 09/07/19 03:59PM 62 approved
278378 New Character Character The Wringer was the main villain of Batman #278. 09/07/19 03:49PM 50 approved
276106 Book One Issue Appear in the background but are clearly distinguishable and attention is drawn to them 09/02/19 03:48PM 4 approved
275902 Geri Powers Character Description was all based on speculation on her name that was proven wrong in later issues of the Batman run. 09/02/19 09:39AM 30 approved
275673 Maria Powers Character 09/01/19 04:50PM 97 approved
275613 Assault on the Court; The Fall of the House of Wayne, Part 2 of 3 Issue 09/01/19 02:15PM 2 approved
275584 Court of Owls Team Captioned image, fixed some grammar and removed "Header 2" for Talon and changed it to Header 3. Removed uncaptioned blurry image 09/01/19 10:57AM 1 approved
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