The Flash III : Gorilla City Part I (My DC Film Universe)

My ideas for a possible future Flash film. Like my other film ideas, I've set it out of all continuities and instead just chose to set it in my own film universe. For my other films set in my desired version of the DC film universe, see my lists which have (Possible Future Film) in the title. For reference:

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  • Important to note: We see part of Zolomon's origin and the rest is mentioned, Zolomon does not become Zoom and is not paralysed in the film. Wally does not have his powers in the film. The film ends with Grodd arriving in the U.S. The plot from this film will continue into a Justice League film.
  • This is the third Flash film in my DC film universe, the others being: Flash I & Flash II

List items

  • Barry has travelled to the Congo to deal with an emerging threat, beginning with the kidnapping of the Tortuga. However, the motives behind this kidnapping are just a spark from a greater scheme involving world conquest...

  • Having his parents killed by ambitious poachers and his son kidnapped by the Tortuga, Grodd has suffered nothing but suffering at the hands of human-kind. Feeling the current King is not fit to rule due to refusing to attack the humans, Grodd usurps the throne and takes his place as king. Kidnapping the man who took his son, Grodd plans to use his contacts to construct mind-control technology for himself. Creating an army of his brethren, Grodd plans to eradicate humanity and he plans to start by erasing their protectors: "The Supers"

  • With their wedding drawing nearer, Iris wants Barry to cease his crime-fighting for a while and focus more on their relationship. However, she comes to realise that when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, not much time can be made to spare...

  • A chimpanzee also caught by the Coluan ship, Detective Chimp (As he calls himself) is the only resident of Gorilla City who is not a gorilla. A close friend and supporter of King Solovar, Detective Chimp is exiled alongside him. Knowing that Grodd must be stopped, he aids the Flash using some magical abilities which Chimp refuses to disclose where they came from.

  • Hunter Zolomon was raised by a serial-killer father, unbeknown to him. The revelation (After the murder of his mother) caused Hunter to stop criminals like his father and figure out their minds. Later becoming an FBI profiler along with his wife, the couple also shared a keen interest in running. Hunter looked towards her father as his own father-figure until his own untimely death at the hands of the Clown which also resulted in Hunter becoming crippled. This same incident led to his discharge and eventual career in Central City. Hunter becomes quick friends with Barry Allen and works with the Flash on several cases. However, Hunter feels resentment towards the hero as he's constantly behind a desk. Zolomon will unwillingly be pulled into something greater that will only fuel his hatred for the Scarlet Speedster...

  • The Tortuga was the hardest criminal to bring down when the Zolomons were working for the FBI. The Tortuga has now enacted a deal with the D.E.O. to capture a specimen from Gorilla City. Tortuga's men did so and captured Grodd's son. However, Grodd has some of his men pursue the Tortuga's men. Brought before Grodd, the Tortuga attempts to pin the blame on the D.E.O. but has his neck snapped

  • Despite seeing the crime-lab division of Central City continuously decline, Captain Frye regains hope at the arrival of Hunter Zolomon, former FBI profiler. However, Frye still considers Allen his "golden boy" at the lab

  • Wally is distant from his parents and only close with his aunt, Iris. Iris brings him to Central City where he meets Barry Allen for the first time. Thinking Allen to be a bit dull, Wally really desires to meet The Flash who he's been told by Iris works closely with Barry...

  • Spivot welcomes Hunter Zolomon as she's glad to see the lab finally improving in standards.

  • The leader of Grodd's elite albino gorillas, Tolifhar has a strict sense of honour.

  • The D.E.O. have enacted a deal with the Tortuga for the acquirement of a gorilla from Gorilla City, hoping to assess whether or not they pose a threat.

  • Otis Flannegan (Having stolen Pied Piper's discarded tech) gains word of Grodd's need and sympathises with his hatred for humans (Something Flannegan shares). He makes a modified version of Piper's tech and grants it to Grodd

  • The benevolent ruler of Gorilla City (A tribe of advanced Gorillas granted human intelligence 100s of years ago after a Coluan ship crashed) King Solovar was overthrown and exiled by the war-focused Grodd.

  • The son of king Solovar and Boka, Nmandi was exiled with his father

  • {Flashback only} The wife of Hunter Zolomon, Ashley became an FBI profiler alongside him. However, after a botched attempt at bringing in "The Clown" which left her father dead, Ashley split with Hunter and made sure he was discharged from the FBI.

  • {Mentioned Only} The wife of Solovar and mother of Nnamdi, Boka was killed by Gerard Shugel when he took an albino gorilla from the city.

  • {Mentioned Only} Described by Gorilla Grodd as the only person to ever break into Gorilla City and escape with his life (Took a young albino gorilla with him as he escaped)