The Flash II : Perfect Storm (DCCU)

When a speed-force storm rages across Central City, Barry finds himself having to cope with civilians with super-speed and friends corrupted by the power they now hold whilst taking on a new sidekick...

  • Credits Scene: "Thawne" pins down a mug-shot of Weather Wizard on a map of Central City, where many other pins are stuck - Notably the apartment of Iris West and Barry Allen...
  • Deaths: Claudio Mardon {Killed by Weather Wizard} : Elsa Mardon {Killed by Weather Wizard} : Paul Trudgill {Killed by an explosive boomerang}
  • Incarcerated: Godspeed {Iron Heights} : Weather Wizard {Iron Heights} : Captain Boomerang {Iron Heights} : Roscoe Dillon {Iron Heights}

List items

  • When a speed-force storm rages across Central City, Barry finds himself having to cope with civilians with super-speed and friends corrupted by the power they now hold whilst taking on a new sidekick.

  • Det. August Heart has been struck by a bolt of speed-force lightning and is corrupted by the power he now holds. Taking on the name Godspeed, Heart becomes a serial killer of speedsters and the enforcer of the Tortuga. Able to drain the speed-force from other speedsters, Godspeed was driven to kill after a crook with the speed-force killed his brother. Heart however still poses as August Heart in public but his friend Barry eventually begins to suspect something.

  • The nephew of Iris West, Wally leapt at Iris' offer of coming to work at the Central City PD with her fiancee, hoping to get away from his emotionally distant parents in Blue Valley. Working as Barry's assistant at the Crime lab, Wally initially finds him boring & dull until he discovers his identity as his hero The Flash. Working with Barry one night, Wally is dosed with chemicals when a lightning bolt strikes the lab - Granting Wally the same powers as Barry. Wanting to help him on his crime-fighting crusade, Wally becomes Kid-Flash.

  • Marco is broken out of Iron Heights by his father The Tortuga who planned to kill him himself. Later escaping when his father is struck by speed-force lightning, Marco takes to the streets. Found by a mysterious man calling himself Thawne, Mardon is manipulated into believing that his brother and sister-in-law are the ones who planned his killing. Murdering them, Marco is later wracked by guilt however and becomes extremely distressed. Releasing his anger in the form of a storm with his weather wand, the mysterious Thawne manipulates the storm into holding the speed-force. Realising what he has unleashed upon the city, Mardon is now on the run. Later caught by the Flash, the arrogant Mardon attempts to stand his ground but ultimately gives himself in.

  • Not knowing that Wally now has speed-force powers, Iris becomes highly suspicious when the Kid-Flash shows up and when Barry refuses to disclose more.

  • George "Digger" Harkness grew up in Australia with his mother and stepfather who regularly beat Digger as he knew that he was not his own child. Digger turned to crime at a young age, using boomerangs to aid his crimes. When his stepfather found out, he threw him out, but his mother bought him a plane ticket to Central City where he could meet his father. Upon arriving in Central City, Digger discovers that his father was a former U.S. soldier who had resorted to working for the mob and was killed only a few weeks prior by the Tortuga's men. Harkness resorts to crime once again, hoping to gain enough money to take on the Tortuga. Being inspired by Captain Cold, Digger takes on the name Captain Boomerang and after weaponizing his boomerangs sets out to take on the Tortuga. However, when the Flash stops Digger's attempts to kill the mob boss a rivalry is formed. When his boomerangs are struck by a bolt of speed-force lightning, Digger is finally able to take on his ol' buddy Tortuga who has now gained the speed-force himself.

  • Roscoe Dillon was a petty criminal who had hopes to raise his profile. He fell in love with the Tortuga's daughter, but he denied him her hand in marriage and attempted to kill him on several occasions before killing his own daughter to prevent Dillon from taking her away from him. Being on the run from Tortuga's men, Dillon resorted to petty crime and having had a run-in with Flash, ended up in jail. Upon being released, Dillon was struck by a bolt of speed-force lightning which had mixed with chemicals from a drug store next to Roscoe. The lighting granted Dillon the ability to manipulate and generate centrifugal forces at an incredible speed. He joins Harkness in taking on the Tortuga.

  • The Tortuga is the all-powerful mob boss of Central City. Using his connections to get his son Marco out of prison, The Tortuga intends to kill him himself to show the price of forsaking him. Hit by a bolt of speed-force lightning, The Tortuga finds he now possess the ability to drain the speed-force from those around him. Due to this power, he has the similarly powered Godspeed act as his enforcer whilst becoming a target for Captain Boomerang and Roscoe Dillon who both have a personal stake in going after him.

  • The mysterious stranger going by the name "Thawne" manipulates the Weather Wizard, using him as a pawn in his chess game against Barry Allen. Not revealing his true motivations, the speedster clad in the reverse-colours of the Flash has every move marked out.

  • The original Flash, Jay Garrick visits Central City to meet and mentor Barry Allen - The man who took up his legacy.

  • Henry Allen has grown seriously ill and pleads with Barry to give up on trying to prove him innocent.

  • Captain Frye loses even more hope at the CCPD when Frank Curtis leaves and when he is handed David Singh's resignation. However, he has hope in the young Wally West.

  • Assigned on the case of the Mardon murders, James finds himself in deeper than he thought when The Tortuga begins to pressure him.

  • The younger brother of Iris West, Danny ran away from home after not wanting to face his sister's reaction to the crippling of their father. Becoming a small time crook, Danny has recently reentered his sister's life as he wants to become a better uncle to his nephew Wally.

  • Director Singh is making preparations to move to Keystone City where his lover Hartley has moved ahead of him to escape the possible vengeance of the friends he betrayed.

  • Patty gets on well with Wally but is disappointed at Director Singh's leaving.

  • Claudio's drug empire is on the verge of crumbling and his father The Tortuga is being increasingly inpatient with his son, threatening to kill him. Claudio is murdered however, not by the hands of his father, but by his brother who had been manipulated to do so.

  • Paul Gambi is being pressured by the Tortuga to design acceptable suits for himself and his enforcer Godspeed, using blackmail against Gambi. In order to get back at the Tortuga, Gambi designs Captain Boomerang & Roscoe Dillon's suits and for free of charge.

  • Elsa had originally planned to have her husband Claudio assassinated but was murdered by her brother-in-law along with Claudio.

  • Daphne now desires to make a movie about the Flash & bombards Iris with questions about whether her reports on the speedster have garnered enough info to make a bio-pic.

  • The Tortuga's main "tech guy", Paul Trudgill is sent to Paul Gambi's workshop to aid him in designing the suits and tech. Trudgill attempts to inform Tortuga of Gambi's betrayal but is killed by one of Harkness' explosive boomerangs after he is pinned to a wall with it.

  • Frank Curtis has now resigned from the Central City PD.