Shazam : Kahndaq (My DC Film Universe)

My ideas for a possible future Shazam film. Like my other film ideas, I've set it out of all continuities and instead just chose to set it in my own film universe. For my other films set in my desired version of the DC film universe, see my list with (Possible Future Film) in the title. For reference:

  • Plot: Captain Marvel is born. Black Adam has been awakened and he desires the control of his once-great nation with the help of one Dr. Sivana...
  • Key Points: Black Adam rules Kahndaq at the end of the film, Ebeneezer Batson is arrested and Mr. Mind meets Dr. Sivana
  • If you have any comments or suggestions, leave them below and I'll try to work them into this list or the next one

List items

  • After his parents are murdered, Billy was separated from his twin-sister and sent to live with his uncle. However, this didn't end well after he found out about his uncle's money laundering. His uncle then kicked him out onto the streets and stole his inheritance. Forced to live on the streets in awful conditions and was forced to steal to survive. He is later taken by the Wizard Shazam who makes Billy his champion by granting him the power of the elders which come into action whenever he says "SHAZAM!" he is transformed into Captain Marvel - The World's Magnificent Mortal

  • Born in Kahndaq to royalty, Teth-Adam was chosen by the Wizard as his champion. However, Adam became the avatar of the Egyptian Gods instead. Later serving as the Egyptian Pharaoh's champion, Kahndaq was attacked in Adam's absence which resulted in the murder of his family & the devastation of the people. Later falling from the Wizard's grace when he became dictatorial towards his people and corrupted by his powers, the Wizard called him "Black Adam" before placing his spirit into a scarab amulet. His descendant Theo-Adam later finds the amulet during an archaeological dig with the parents of Billy Batson. Feeling the power of the scarab upon him, he murdered the Batsons. Speaking the word that granted him Adam's powers, he became Black Adam and is intent on tacking back his nation as he believes himself to be the only one to actually care for his people. From there he plans to change parts of the world into the image of Kahndaq. However, in order to do this, he needs the power from the rock of eternity...

  • A highly influential figure in Fawcett City, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana is the head of Sivana Industries and a scientific genius with his hands in politics as well. Sivana funded the Archaeological Expedition to Egypt which led to the deaths of the Batsons as he was intent on gaining the amulet of Black Adam. He studied science in order to cure his dying daughter but claims it has failed him and now looks towards magic for a miracle. However, his pursuit of magic corrupts him and he forgets his original cause, instead desiring great power. Seeking Black Adam, Sivana is scarred by his lightning which enables him to see magic. Sivana later gets his wish but the magic eats away at his body...

  • {Gets her powers in the 2nd act} The twin sister of Billy, Mary was separated from him at the death of their parents. Captain Marvel's first task is to locate her but that proves harder than he first thought. Not only that, but Mary also seems particularly drawn to the rock of eternity...

  • The guardian of the Rock of Eternity, The Wizard eventually grows old and seeks for a new champion. Originally choosing Teth-Adam, he later realised that the powers were corrupting him and placed his spirit in an amulet. Desiring never to make such a grievous mistake again, he decides to choose a young child as the next champion. Now he resides in the Rock of Eternity where he watches over his new champion..

  • The elder cousin of Billy and a young businessman, Sinclair Batson works for Sivana Industries as Sivana's personal assistant

  • A stuffed tiger doll whom Mary confides everything in

  • The uncle of Billy, Ebenezer has many dodgy dealings...

  • {Mostly Behind-The-Scenes} Lady Blaze is the half-demon daughter of the Wizard Shazam who corrupted Black Adam, she plans to use him to usurp her father's connection to the Rock of Eternity

  • {Mostly Behind-The-Scenes} Lord Satanus is the half-demon son of the Wizard Shazam and the brother of Lady Blaze. He doesn't care much for her corruption of Teth-Adam, wanting a more hands-on approach to usurp their father

  • {Cameo - End of film} When in the Rock of Eternity, Dr. Sivana stumbles across a creature imprisoned in a glass jar enticing him over...

  • {Past Only} Black Adam was once the champion of Prince Khufu

  • {Past Only} Hath-Set admired Teth-Adam and attempted to convince him to help in the assassination of the Prince but he denied

  • {Past Only} Nabu and Teth-Adam often argued during their time serving Prince Khufu

  • {Past-Only} Possessing the orb of Ra, Ahk-Ton was a "metamorph" with complete control of the elements in his body. He invaded Kahndaq leaving a murderous trail and slaughtered innocents. His forces however were quickly defeated by Black Adam who then turned Ahk-Ton to stone and placed him in a courtyard, considering this far too lenient on the murderer.

  • {Mentioned Only} Billy idolises Superman

  • {Mentioned Only} Vandal Savage was said to have been at war with Ahk-Ton with both wanting control over Egypt