Riddles : Batman III {DCCU}

As an immensely powerful power-cut strikes Gotham, a new & deadly threat decides to make their long-awaited move. His tech rendered useless & many of his allies kidnapped, The Batman is forced to "Get Smart or Die" if he or his allies are to survive in the grasp of the Riddler

  • Credits Scene: In Blackgate, Arthur Brown plans to upstage Nygma & go it solo as "The Cluemaster"
  • Incarcerated: Riddler {Arkham Asylum} : Mr. Freeze {For Safety - Arkham Asylum} : Cluemaster {Blackgate} : Query & Echo {Blackgate} :

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  • His tech rendered useless by an EMP & many of his allies kidnapped, the Batman must rely on his detective skills & great intelligence in order to survive against the new deadly threat of the Riddler.

  • Finally making his move against the Batman, Edward Nashton has become fully immersed in his role as "The Riddler" & only refers to himself as Edward Nygma. Desiring to prove his intellectual superiority to the Batman, Nygma uses an EMP to cut Gotham's power & take control of it for himself. Taking control of Wayne Tower & making the whole place his to control, Nygma kidnaps those he believes to be "cheating the game" by helping the Batman but refuses to endanger innocents. However he becomes so immersed in wanting to defeat Batman that he forgets that the power outage has damaged innocent lives. Placing his hostages in death-traps, Nygma forces his victims to "Get Smart Or Die". Leaving a trail of riddles for Batman to find & solve, Nygma eventually lures him into his trap as every floor of Wayne Tower poses a threat to the Dark Knight Detective.

  • Feeling that the Batman has failed him after not being able to find Fries' wife due to the mess that Gotham has spiralled into with the coming of the Riddler, Victor sets out to find Nora himself. However when The Riddler shuts down Gotham's power, Victor knows that it won't be long until Nora's cryogenic chamber's back-up power runs out. Constructing a freeze gun, Fries attacks the Iceberg Lounge in order to find out Nygma's location. Eventually finding him, Fries becomes blinded with anger & almost kills Nygma. However Batman intervenes & Nygma is only knocked out. Fries & Batman however must race to turn back on the power as Nora's life-support fades.

  • Now dating Barbara Gordon, they are both unaware of the other's secret identities as Oracle & Robin. Later revealing their identities to each other, their love only blossoms after finding out they both have the same passion for their crusade. Dick however is kidnapped by the Riddler & placed inside a death-trap. This time, Dick will have to rely on more than just punches & kicks.

  • Arthur Brown is a former FBI Agent & friend of Nashton who eventually decided to retire from the FBI & become a Television host. Roped into the Riddler's plans, Brown acts as Nashton's right-hand man & is a skilled mercenary. However, when Arthur starts a game show where he acts as the "Cluemaster" for the show & has contestants solve riddles, Nashton seem to believe Brown has stolen his gimmick for petty entertainment. Strapping a remote controlled bomb to Arthur, The Batman is taken on a fool's errand around the derelict Gotham as he has to answer riddles for Riddler in order to defuse the bomb. However the bomb leads Batman directly into the Riddler's trap as it turns out that the bomb emits an EMP & that Brown was in on the plan all along as it shuts down the power in Gotham.

  • Kidnapped by the Riddler in Italy, Selina is taken back to Gotham & placed into one of Nygma's death-traps. Using her to lure the Batman out, Nygma hopes that Selina will give up his identity to save herself. Faced with the choice of revealing his identity & saving herself or keeping it secret, Selina does the only selfless thing she has done in a long while & keeps quiet. Later saved by the Batman, Selina finds that their relationship has changed as the two develop a new-found respect for each other.

  • The Beast is an elite Russian killer and one of the most skilled assassins in the world. Having bad terms with the Riddler due to him taking his two former associates, The Beast has sworn revenge and will go to any lengths to get it. Arriving in Gotham, The Beast cuts a path of violence through the city - Killing over 150 people. Eventually forcing the Riddler to reveal himself when he threatens to blow up a children's hospital, The Beast has an audience with Nashton. Drawn into one of The Riddler's death traps, Knyazev loses his hand after answering a riddle incorrectly. Eventually managing to escape, Anatoli leaves Gotham whilst the Batman is distracted by the sudden city-wide power outage.

  • Thomas Wayne's closest friend before his death & a member of the board of directors at Wayne Enterprises before being fired, Bruce Wayne reinstated Lucius Fox into the company as president in an effort to stifle the unhumanitarian attitude of Wayne Enterprises. Lucius designs tech for Batman but is unaware that Bruce is Batman. Taken as a hostage by the Riddler {Who believes Lucius to be helping Batman "cheat the game" by providing him with weaponry} Lucius is placed in a death trap & is forced to use his quick wits to both win his freedom & later help turn the power back on.

  • Trying to reinforce his image as a legitimate businessman, Mayor Cobblepot opens the Iceberg Lounge. Also allying himself with his close friend The Riddler in his plans for Gotham, The Penguin was unaware that part of his friend's plan involved cutting Gotham's power which in turn ruins Ozzie's money-making potential.

  • Now the Commissioner of the GCPD, Jim has had ridiculous amounts of stress piled upon him since his promotion. The stress has increased dramatically since the arrival of the Riddler with his take over of the city & the murderous trail left by The Beast.

  • Obsessed with Batman, Barbara Gordon aids him when the Riddler shuts down the City's power. Using the code-name "Oracle", Babs sets up a communication line to the Batman & attempts to aid him as she can. Despite being scorned by the Batman for putting herself in such danger, The Batman offers Babs another opportunity to help his crusade for justice.

  • A mute mechanical genius with a hunchback, Harold has lived his life as a victim. Found by The Penguin on the streets, Cobblepot would take Harold in so that in return, Harold would design new weapons for him. Later working for the Riddler when Penguin allies himself with the madman, Harold would design Nashton's equipment & traps. Later rescued by the Batman, Harold feels eternally grateful as he does not desire to make equipment for criminals. Wanting to repay his debt to the Dark Knight, Harold begins to work in the Batcave - Helping to build Batman's new gear.

  • Despite trying desperately, Alfred fails to keep the Batcave's power running & waits fearfully as Batman takes on the Riddler without the aid of his tech.

  • Deidre Vance & Nina Damfino are former associates of the Beast who, whilst he was in Russia for the FBI, met Edward Nashton. Promising them a job opportunity better than anything they've ever had, Nashton now has them work as his Henchwomen. Now called Query & Echo, the girls help Riddler in his take over of Gotham.

  • The young daughter of Arthur Brown, Stephanie has grown distant to her father due to his involvement with the Riddler. Later finding this out, Stephanie attempts to inform the GCPD but is unable to when her father locks her inside the house to prevent her from telling anyone. In order to get back at her father, Stephanie contacts the mysterious Oracle. Using the code-name "Spoiler", Stephanie reveals to Oracle that the bomb strapped to her father is actually and EMP & that her father was in on it all along. However this information doesn't get to Batman soon enough as the Power is shut down throughout Gotham.

  • The younger brother of Arthur Brown, Chuck Brown was the mamma's boy of the two. Eventually working in an office, Chuck grew jealous of his brother's fame and became less content with his own life. Needing extra cash, Chuck took on the name "Kite-Man" and began committing robberies - Although he told his son he was secretly a hero fighting the "bad guys". When out on a heist one night, Chuck's son managed to leave the house and wandered into the road. Killed by an oncoming truck, Chuck was left heartbroken. Realising his mistakes and wanting to do something that would've made his son proud, Chuck uses Kite-Man as his heroic alias as he attempts to aid the Batman against his brother and Nygma.

  • Joker escapes from Arkham after allying himself with Scarecrow. Using their respective chemicals to escape, Joker had originally planned to betray Crane & leave him for dead but a fight erupts between them when Crane attempts to do the same. Both of them only just managing to not kill each other, The Joker leaves before Crane regains consciousness. Joker also plans one day to have a meeting with the Riddler to show him who really deserves the Batman's attention.

  • Taking advantage of the Riddler's power-cut, Crane escapes from Arkham with the help of the Joker. Using Crane's fear gas & The Clown's Joker venom, the two manage to escape into the night. A diluted version if Crane's gas was used by Batman against the Riddler in order to drop his guard and knock him out. All the gas showed Nygma was a collapsing & forgotten tombstone surrounded by over-grown grass in a future where noone knows of "The Riddler".

  • The operator of the Bat-Signal, Phil Cobb is kidnapped by the Riddler & placed in a deathtrap as Cobb has been "cheating the game" by alerting Batman of Nygma's attacks.

  • The Penguin's main "tech-guy", Thaddeus Volt has an immediate disliking towards Harold due to him being much more skilled than himself. To get back at the poor man, Volt would electrocute Harold with a modified cattle-prod several times a day - Causing him immense pain.

  • The right-hand of the Penguin, Lark acts as the head of security for the Iceberg lounge. She is attacked by Victor Fries but is saved by The Batman.

  • Julian Day tries to convince Scarecrow to help him escape but Crane ignores him as Crane believes Day's obsession with dates makes him weak.

  • Jeremiah Arkham only just manages to keep his life when Aaron Cash saves him from the hands of the Joker. Arkham also made a fatal mistake during the power-cut by having the majority of his men focus on Croc's cell & forgetting about just how dangerous the Joker & Scarecrow are.

  • Aaron Cash manages to save Director Arkham's life from the Joker & only just manages to get him to safety.

  • Jack Ryder's viewings have recently suffered significantly since the start of "Cluemaster".