My Ranking Of The Live-Action Batman Movie Villains

Not including the 60s villains from Batman: The Movie or minor antagonists like Carmine Falcone, Zsasz or Sal Moroni. Also not including characters like Killer Croc, Joker, Deadshot and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad as they have yet to appear in a Batman film

List items

  • Joker. Captures the funny side of Mistah J ( Well, as funny as a homicidal maniac can be) and blends it perfectly with the dark, murderous side of him

  • Joker. Brilliant portrayal, and the best performance out of any of the Nolan Batman films. Captures Joker's madness and relationship with batman/motivations perfectly

  • Ra's Al Ghul. A great performance (Made me like the comic version even more), and the 2nd best Nolan Bat Rogue

  • Two-Face. Vastly superior to the Batman: Forever adaptation, this one captures nearly everything I love about Two-Face. However, I wish he was saved for Dark Knight Rises to be the main or secondary villain in that

  • Bane. A really good portrayal, but let down by the twist that he's Talia's love-sick lap dog.

  • Penguin. Batman Returns' Penguin suffers the same fate as it's Catwoman, with a ridiculous origin. But Devito's great acting, disgusting charm and Penguin's great design elevated his performance from the craziness of the film

  • Scarecrow. A great portrayal, but I wish they went more out with the effects of the Fear Toxin and made Scarecrow the primary antagonist of one of the films as he wasn't really used to his full potential

  • Mr. Freeze. I actually really enjoy this performance, and find it quite enjoyable. At least with Arnie, he goes all out and over the top, especially compared to some of the other actors. Also, I quite like the costume even if it is too much. This is a really fun and enjoyable performance, and one of the only redeeming points about Batman & Robin for me. And at least they kept Nora in there

  • Catwoman. Apart from the ridiculous origin, this is a brilliant portrayal with some pretty good acting in a bat$%&^ (Pun intended) crazy film

  • Riddler. I used to HATE this performance, and part of me still does. But on later re-watches, I've grown to like this portrayal a lot more and even start to really like it. However, it's a far cry from my desired adaptation of Riddler although it does provide a few laughs and is quite enjoyable to watch

  • Catwoman. I remember enjoying her, but I can't have enjoyed her that much as I've forgotten about her

  • Poison Ivy. This is one bad portrayal. There are far too many things wrong with this performance for me to list (The atrocious acting when playing Pamela Isley does improve when she becomes Poison Ivy later in the film, but is still awful, the gorilla scene, the fact that she falls in love with Freeze, etc.). However, I'm ranking it above Jones' Two-Face because Thurman actually seems to try in her performance and above Talia because this portrayal got some things about Ivy actually right

  • Talia Al Ghul. The reveal felt really shoe-horned in and was basically pointless

  • Tommy Lee Jones. This portrayal is just awful. You can tell that this is just another paycheck to Jones, as he fails to put in a lick of effort to save this film. Also, the design is plain bad and they just chose to show his origin (arguably the best Batman Villain Origin) on a tv screen for a few seconds in favour of showing Riddler's backstory in much more detail (Riddler's origin is still interesting, but Two-Face's is much better). The same problem happened with Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin, where they focused on Poison Ivy's origin more than his

  • Jeep Swenson. An atrocious adaptation which got pretty much everything about Bane wrong