Hawkman/Hawkgirl : Revival (DCCU)

The Hawks have returned to Earth, and they're bent on vengeance. Cursed to live a life without love, Hawkman and Hawkgirl must face down a face from their shared past if they want to finally experience true love. However this threat has made an alliance with a supernatural threat from the Hawks' past...

  • Credits Scene: As Brainiac's ship crashes into the Arctic, Byth is awakened...
  • Deaths: Hath-Set {Left to die by the Hawks} : Thal Porvis {Killed by Onimar Synn} :
  • Incarcerated: Gentleman Ghost {Stryker's Island} : Carl Sands {Stryker's Island} : The Monocle {Stryker's Island}

List items

  • Karter-Hol & his wife Shayera-Hol were both madly in love & members of the police force on the planet Thanagar {A planet populated by highly evolved "hawk-people" who used the Nth Metal found on their planet to defy gravity}. Karter and Shayera were tasked with bringing the shape-shifting criminal Byth to justice but he had already fled Thanagar and was headed for Earth. After a fight above Earth's atmosphere, Karter and Hol crash landed into Ancient Egypt and lost Byth, who had also crashed onto Earth. Thinking them to be Gods from above, they were made Egyptian royalty and adopted new names of Khufu and Chay-Ara. Khufu and Chay were soon murdered by Hath-Set, an Egyptian Priest who resented the couple for the power they held, with a cursed Nth Metal dagger. However, the couple managed to kill Hath-Set before they died and the three were thus cursed to a cycle of continuous reincarnation. The couple adopted the identity of the Hawks and have ever since protected Earth from threats. However, after thousands of years, Hath-Set is reportedly once again on the move and The Hawks will have to come face-to-face with the past.

  • Shayera-Hol and her husband Karter-Hol were members of the police force on Thanagar who were tasked with bringing in the criminal Byth who had fled to Earth. Crashing in ancient Egypt, the couple were accepted as Gods from above and became Egyptian royalty. Shayera (Now called Chay-Ara) & Karter (Now called Khufu) were murdered by the priest Hath-Set and forced into a cycle of reincarnation. Karter & Shayera became the Hawks and protected Earth from all threats during every reincarnation which would occur when their love for each other is greater, cursed to never experience true love. Now called Shiera and Carter Hall and now members of the Justice League, Hawkgirl & Hawkman will have to face Hath-Set and end it all in order to finally feel love.

  • Hath-Set was a violent and manipulative Egyptian Priest who grew jealous of the love between Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara and desired the power they held. Hath-Set murdered them with a cursed Nth Metal dagger which would force the couple to die when their love for each other was greater and then be reincarnated, cursed to never experience true love. However, before they died, the couple managed to kill Hath-Set with the dagger which meant that whenever the couple died, he did too. Hath-Set reminded in hiding for thousands of years, knowing that if the Hawks found him and finally killed him then the curse would be lifted and the Hawks granted immortality. However, Hath-Set has finally revealed himself and plans to murder the Hawks in order to gain his constant immortality and remove the only threat to his existence.

  • Jim Craddock grew up in poverty in 19th century England and was forced to turn to robbery in order to support his ill mother. Craddock gained thrill from his highway-robberies and after the death of his mother, immigrated to the United States. Becoming a successful thief and con-man, Craddock soon attracted the attention of Nighthawk and Cinnamon, crime-fighters who were reincarnations of Prince Khufu and his wife, Chay-Ara. Nighthawk falsely accused Craddock of the rape of Cinnamon (When in fact, Craddock was actually trying to steal her necklace) and he was hung for the crime. Craddock discovered that he would remain a ghost until the man who had sent him to the death "moved on to the afterlife" but as Karter-Hol was cursed to a cycle of reincarnation, his soul would never move on and Craddock would be forced to remain a ghost. Craddock sets out to learn as much as he can about his "murderer" and attempt to murder him so that Craddock can finally "move on". However, Craddock learns that he cannot truly kill Karter and seeks out Hath-Set, the only one who actually can. Now allied with the powerful sorcerer, Craddock seeks to get his revenge on the Hawks using his bestowed powers as Gentleman Ghost.

  • An incredibly dangerous criminal from Thanagar, Byth swallowed an experimental compound which allowed him to transform himself into a duplicate of any creature. Rather than facing execution on Thanagar, Byth attempts to flee to Earth but is followed by two "Wingmen", Karter-Hol and Shayera-Hol. After a fight in Earth's atmosphere, Byth crashes into the Arctic where he remains in suspended animation. After the crash of Brainiac's ship, Byth is awakened.

  • The commissioner of Midway City, George Emmett managed to get Carter and Shiera Hall the place as curators of the Midway City Museum after the imprisonment of the former curator, Jonathan Cheval. Emmett seems to know more than he lets on, but he is a valuable ally to the Hawks so they dismiss this.

  • A naturalist at the Midway City Museum, Mavis Trent is smitten by Carter Hall but has to keep her love for him secret as he is only interested in Shiera.

  • The press agent for Midway City, Joe Tracy works only for Mavis Trent. Joe is in love with Mavis but knows that she will only ever be interested in Carter.

  • The father of Karter-Hol, Paran originally founded the "Wingmen" {The Police of Thanagar} to help overthrow Onimar Synn who had enslaved them.

  • The father of Shayera-Thal and Corsar-Thal, and the emperor of Thanagar after it is retook from Onimar Synn.

  • One of the "7 devils" of Thanagar, Onimar Synn enslaved the planet and forced them to mine for Nth Metal which Synn has immense control over and which increases his power-set. After the uprising, Synn only just escaped with his life.

  • Carl Sands is an expert thief and cat-burglar who calls himself the "Shadow-Thief" due to his skill of being able to get away by slipping into the darkness with remarkable ease. Despite this however Sands proves no match for the Hawks when he attempts to steal valuable items from the Midway City Museum.

  • The former curator of Midway City Museum, Jonathan Cheval is discovered by Hawkman and Hawkgirl to have links with organised crime which leads to his arrest.

  • Onimar Synn's right-hand man who owns a cloak which holds a teleportation device. He uses this to save himself and Onimar Synn from the uprising.

  • The power-hungry brother of Shayera-Thal, Corsar uses violent methods to enforce his way.

  • Father of Thal Provis, grandfather of Shayera and Corsar-Thal. Emperor of Thanagar before Onimar Synn enslaved Thanagar and killed him.

  • Mother of Thal Provis, grandmother of Shayera and Corsar-Thal. Hyathis escaped Thanagar after the death of her husband and it is unknown whether or not she is still alive.

  • A cop in Midway City, Stewart Frazier supports the Hawk vigilantes.

  • Once the champion of Prince Khufu, Teth-Adam was admired by Hath-Set. Set attempted to convince Adam to help in the assassination of the Prince but Adam refused - Admiring the Prince.

  • Nabu the Wise served as a court magician to Prince Khufu and would often argue with Teth-Adam.

  • Vandal Savage once attempted to take Egypt for himself and took on Prince Khufu's forces.

  • The head of Thanagar's army.

  • A commander in Thanagar's army.