Deceased Characters : (DCCU)

Characters who have died in my DC film lists. Kill Counts of villains {Of substantial enough characters, not background characters/civilians as that'd be way to high and only those that have CV pages}

Ares: I / Bizarro: I / Black Hand: I / Black Manta: III / Black Mask: I / Captain Boomerang: I / Captain Cold: I / Cheetah: II / Chillblaine: I / Circe: II / Deadshot: I / Demon Gate: I / Huntress: II / Hush: I / Joe Chill: II / Lobo: I / Malefic: VIII / Milos Grapa: I / Nobody: I / Ocean Master: V / Onimar Synn: I / Phillipus: I / Steppenwolf: I / Supergirl: I / The Blonde: I / Two-Face: II / Weather Wizard: II /

Highest Record {Of substantial enough characters not civilians as well as that'd be incredibly high}: Malefic - 8 significant kills

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